Art Party!

I had some art up at All Asia in Cambridge this month (some of it's moving to Roxbury in a few days, but more on that later). Out of the Blue Art Gallery asked me if I'd like to do a little art/music show as an opening, so yesterday we had a little art party! :) It was a lot of fun with drawing papers on every table, sketchbooks everywhere, live music, Amy Macabre dressed as Sailor Moon, Michi Chu showed up as a pink zombie, XO the gallery dog was soaking up all the fun. :)


Cat Skull

Cat Skull Commission <3


Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot, Je T'aime...

Prints on Etsy!



sounds like: "Howl Like A Wolf" SNOWBEAST I watched Drive for the 3rd time tonight. <3


Goodbye 2012!

Hello 2013!

I had an intensely busy build up to the holidays and a few weeks of hibernation to recoop after. My blog has been sorrowfully neglected and all of the fun things I did at the end of the year have gone unrecorded. Here's a nice little photo montage of things that happened in the Zombie Romance world at the end of 2012:

Here's a series of work at the Meat for Tea - Rant Traveling Gallery Le Cirque De Ve'lo show in Northampton Ma.

And a pair of miniature pieces at the Uforge Gallery...

And 1369 Coffeehouse in Central courtesy of Out of the Blue Gallery! As well as pieces at Zapow Gallery in Asheville and the Kraine Gallery Bar Put a Bow On It Show in NYC.

Zombie Romance attended 3 craft shows: Crafter Shock in Worcester, Stars and Skulls Crafty Craft Fair in Northampton and The Holiday Art Fair in Jamaica Plain.

I also drew at ORG: The Last Day on Earth and hung my piece Pink Goat Sacrifice in the box office.

And drew Sorrowseed at the Out of the Blue Gallery...

And in between it all I did a few commissions...

It was a busy month! I did a lot of relaxing and maxing after. I'm updating my page this week with exciting new things for 2013! :)