AB09 = 100+ portraits

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I attended Anime Boston 2009 in the Artist Alley this past weekend with Blake. We had an amazing time and got to see lots of old friends Chris, Dustin, Costas, Nicole, Dave, Phoebe and new friends Ian, Kelsey and Liz.

I sold a good bulk of merchandise and drew over 100 portraits (both 50 packs of sheet protecters were gone by the end of the con- WHEW!) and met TONS of fun people. It was especially satisfying to be doing quick portraiture again and absorbing people's excitement over being immortalized on paper. I had some people come back for multiple portraits- including these two guys who had five done that formed a story (they sent me scans of some of them, one included below with my other favorite portrait, the lolita sisters with mustaches). I also drew portraits of nearly every student and some staff from a high school anime club on a field trip from New York. Their teacher told me they had all planned to compile a scrapbook of all of their portraits to remember their trip by. That's an honor! :) :)

The last convention I attended was in 2004, so I didn't know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming response to my work. I also really enjoyed being among my people in my most beloved city and seeing old friends. I can't wait for next year!



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new works in the space

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I've been working on some canvas and boards with mixed media.

(click for annotated picture)
new works wall
oiran rock


wakana visit!

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Wakana and Ikki came to the east coast last weekend. We went to visit them at Charlie and Diane's cool pad in Medford. We went to the Wake Up Earth Festival in Jamaica Plain! We had tons of fun and it was really good to see old friends!:D