Put A Bow On It NYC!

Tonight at the Kraine Gallery Bar in NYC is the Put A Bow On It Holiday Show with all works under $300! I have a piece in the show based on my favorite Japanese exploitation film, FEMALE PRISONER 701: THE SCORPION or, in Japanese: SASORI.

For a female prison exploitation film, SASORI is incredibly though out in is visual delivery. The shot I chose to render in my own devices, is the a climatic shot of a flashback on how Matsu- The Scorpion, ended up in prison. Through out the scene the camera flips from being under Matsu laying on a "glass floor" to better get her perspective. There's twirling stages, lights in the floor... all these crazy effects.

And Matsu is awesome. AWESOME. AWESOME.

Anyway, check out Put a Bow on it tonight at 9pm and get some cheap art!

I have one more show coming up on Saturday in Northampton, MA and three other shows going on that I'm apart of around the east coast. Check out my gallery schedule:


Miniatures 2.0 @ Uforge

The Miniatures 2.0 show is up all month long at the Uforge Gallery. I have two matching pieces in this show called "Til Death Do We Part" featuring a pair of wedding themed, macabre bunnies (or rabbit remains). I liked the idea of making a matching pair for the show since we could submit two pieces. All works in this show are 3"x3" and under!

Long time collage artist friend and serene art school mate, Meg Dubno trekked up from New Jersey for the show. She has two lovely pieces on display as well!




The Zapow Gallery's Cult Movie show is now on display until the end of January! I have a small piece in the show of The Last Man on Earth! I love this Vincent Price movie - it is the BEST (and in my eyes - the only) adaptation of Richard Matheson's novella I Am Legend. Stop by and see the show! Buy some art and support local (if you're in NC) and working artists (You can also purchase the Mr. Price original through Zapow's website and they will ship it to you)! You can also get Vincent as a print on my Etsy store!


Inkwell Awards

I have some sketch cards up for auction on Ebay for the Inkwell Awards! The Inkwell Awards is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and educate about the art form of comic book inking and to annually recognize and award the best ink artists and their work.

Batman with Kitten Sketch card

Catwoman with cats

Yoda flipping pankcakes

Princess Leia

Sailor Moon with Onigiri

Sailor Moon group

I have 6 cards up for auction! Some have bids already! All profits go to the support of the Inkwell Awards! :)



I'm having a sale in my Etsy store this weekend! Get 20% off with the coupon code SALE20 at check out until Monday evening! Thanks for supporting small business and buying handmade (and local if your in New England).


So Magical

sounds like: The I Want You

So Magical for the upcoming Chocolate Chips and Rocket Ships 99 1/2 Poems by John O'Mara!



I was asked to make a postcard illustration for the cast of the upcoming indie horror film Ten to send to their Kickstarter supporters while away filming on the set! I'm so excited about how this turned out- mostly the mask because it was hard to figure out how to translate the transparent plastic! :D The art features the film's antagonist, "the Butcher!" There are lots of pigs involved and pig art. I'm also working on a pig set piece. Learn more about Ten here.

I'm so excited to be able to contribute my skills to a horror film and a local one at that! :) I'm can't to see this film completed!!! It's going to be spectacular!



FOE & Craft

I'm excited to announce that Zombie Romance now has prints, buttons, stickers and two lovely Kraken with Cupcakes at the Foe Gallery in Northampton, MA! This gallery in downtown Northampton has a wonderful collection of designer toys, prints and originals. It's a beautiful and exciting space for Northampton's art scene! I'm so excited about this and can't wait for my next Northampton visit so I can buy MOAR designer toys and Re-ments and see my little print display! :)

Which leads me to...

Support artists and crafters this holiday season and buy local and handmade! You can get a mass produced item at Target any day, but a handmade piece of work is one of a kind!


Dr. Sketchy's

I finally got out to a Dr. Sketchy's for the first time in MONTHS. I was so happy. I needed some serious practice in figure drawing. Here are some favorites from the session with local burlesque dancer, performer and friend Porcelain Dalya!

Org: Literati

I drew at Org: Literati the other night at Oberon. What a magnificent evening! The theme of course was literature. All the sets performed songs inspired by literature.

Gem Club brought a sleepy, lovely feeling with their beautiful, soft songs.

This was my second time seeing What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? and I love, love, love them more with each set I experience.

There were brilliant performances by Karin Webb and Jade Sylvan as Oscar Wilde. Professor Mika taught us some literature tropes compared with sexual perversions and played a beautiful rendition of Sailing to Byzantium by Yeats accompanied on vocal by singer Mali and friends.

My favorite part of the night was Jaggery's performance of their EP Private Violence which is based on Capote's In Cold Blood.

I drew some lovely drawings for a lovely night. :)



The awesome artist showcase blog NeePea has featured a selection of my work! Check it out!



Relena and her new Nessie coloring book!!!

Lots of ZR Luvin' going on these days <3 <3 I couldn't post the photo. but here's a twitpic of of CM Yung's squiddly earrings!!!



sounds like: X-Files S1E3 - Squeeze

My new piece T Luv is now available on Boston Coasters for purchase as a print, mugs, mousepads- EVEN A MESSENGER BAG. Show your love for the nation's oldest subway system with T Luv.

I arranged the train cars in the formation that the lines meet in the center of Boston. Between all of the cars, two brown mice are holding up a heart. One of my favorite ways to entertain myself when waiting for the train, is to watch for brown track mice, so I had to make them apart of this piece!

Rhode Island Comic Con

Scenes from Rhode Island Comic Con!!! We had a blast! This was a great first year convention. I got totally hopped up on cheap MOTU action figures. Thanks to all who stopped by our table!


Rhode Island Comic Con

We'll be at Rhode Island Comic Con this Saturday and Sunday in Providence, RI. Stop by and say hello! :) :) :)



I was a vampire for Halloween this year.

Sketchbook Vamp. :)