Meat Farm

It's been crazy at day job lately and with all the prep for upcoming conventions, but I still can't believe I took this long to post about this. I did album art for this INCREDIBLE EP: Episode IV by Mr. Gavin's Meat Farm and it's pretty awesome. I love doing album cover art and Mr. Gavin has a great vision of his meat farm as you can see by the amazing photo shoot by Kate Bilinski.

My favorite track is "Guerilla Girls Meet Bob Burns" because it is fucking brilliant.



Photo by Jamie Peeps

I've been so busy I forgot to mention two awesome blog post featuring moi! First off - the Uforge has me as their first featured artist post! You can read it here...

And Jamie Peeps has a nice little photo (above) of Blake and I from MeCAF last weekend! W00T!




sounds like: "Breath of Life" Angel'in Heavy Syrup

This past weekend was busy! On Saturday we were at a craft fair in Salem, MA...

Photo of Nessies by Elise

Then we shot over to Arcworks Community Art Center in Peabody to drop off some new stock including some nessies!!

And then we headed up to Maine for an overnight and...

Maine Comic Arts Festival!!

The prettiest festival ever because it's right on the ocean! :)

This was an issue of the Wisdom of Lobo that this guy wearing an original Sandman Death tshirt (it was gorgeous and obviously cared for very dearly as it shows generous, but not destructive wear) had been having comic artists and illustrators sketching in it for over 20 years. MÅ“bius drew in this book! He talked to me about the comics industry over the years and how excited it was to see so many woman in the comics industry now. I picked a page with a drawing from 1992 and complete the page 20 years later! XD

And of course lots of portraits!!

Busy weekend! Next up is Anime Next in June!!!


Stickers Salem Batman Portland

I just got my vinyl deer stickers in the mail from Sticker Mule. They are awesome!!

I also made a little zine for the Salem Craft Fair and the Maine Comic Arts Festival this weekend. On Saturday I'll be in Salem and on Sunday in Portland. This will be our 3rd year at MECAF and my first time in Salem! :) :) Come say hello!



Bella Morta Jewelry and Zombie Romance collaboration for over sized rings!!! I LOVE THEM.



28 Seeds

Last Saturday, I was invited to come draw Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toy's new apocalyptic musical adventure "28 Seeds" at the Boston Center for the Arts. It was hands down the most intensely original play I had seen... ever! Serious - GIANT ray guns, artificial trees, police brutality, burlesque, cannibalism... the APOCALYPSE! Totally incredible. There are only three shows left and they are happening this weekend. Go Check out this awesome play!
The musical is performed in a black box theater... from the moment I walked in I realized I was going to be in a very dark place, hence the very limited color palette. I think I'll continue working on some of these and add more colors in to finish them up a little more. I'm pretty excited and honored to have gotten to draw such awesomeness!!



I finally finished my tattoo sleeve design for a real sweet Etsy client, Charley. She wanted Alice reading a book with her favorite supporting characters. This is the most detailed tattoo design I've done thus far and I'm really excited about how it came out and can't wait until it makes it's final resting place on skin! :) Big thanks to Ms. Charley for commissioning me to do this one, was quite a pleasure. :)



The Labels Show at the Uforge Gallery opens on Thursday and this month's theme draws inspiration for T-shirt design! My piece "Remains" will be there which is inspired by Leather Face's interior decorating skills in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.