Dr. Sketchy

I've missed the past four months of Dr. Sketchy's Boston Session- having hoped to go, but either had something come up, a show to vend or just didn't have the extra cash (curse you poor economy!). However, the stars were aligned and I was determined to attend my first Tuesday night session as I will, again, be at convention (Connecticon!) for the next Sunday session in July. By great fortune the model for the evening was the Bunny Collaborative performance group of Walter and Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys. Of course this stunning crew of artist made for beautiful drawings...

See all of my Dr. Sketchy's drawings here.



This past weekend was my return to Portland and first time at PortCon Maine. My friend Rachel came along and sold her first batch of amigirumi.

I was impressed by the organization and the amount of amazing cosplay, but I have to admit, it was totally weird I only was commissioned for five portraits. Regardless, we had a wonderful time, met some awesome fellow artists and got to meet the many Otaku of Maine.

Thank you Maine! Connecticut: YOU'RE NEXT!


Union Made

sounds like: "Snookered" Dan Deacon

My first craft show of the year was Union Made by the Bazaar Bizarre. It was a beautiful and windy outdoor show with lots of cool people and vendors buzzing about in Union Square, Somerville! Thanks to all the lovely people who came by!

Ah! My show madness tour continues- this weekend I'll be back in Portland at Port Con Maine. Portland Otaku UNITE!


Union Made

Stop by and say "HI!" today!


Anime Next

sounds like: *purrrrrr*

Blake, Chris and I drove five hours in a thunder storm to Somerset, New Jersey this past weekend for Anime Next. We've never been to a convention further than New York City, so this was exciting new territory. The Otaku of New Jersey were very kind to us and it was refreshing to be amongst such an energetic and positive mass of fellow nerds. We sold out of our first batch of Lake Monster plushes, a good amount of skeleton t-shirts and A LOT of prints - THANK YOU. I also premiered some fan art ACEOs and did a few custom ACEOS.

and of course portraits... lots and lots of beautiful portraits...

More here...
During the lulls, I worked on this lovely Steampunk badge design for Connecticon 2011 (totally inspired by Miss Jojo Lazar).

and we saw UZUHI again!


See you next year, Jersey! ^^



sounds like: "Quiet Little Voices" We Were Promised Jet Packs

Blake and I made some pretty stellar things this weekend: there's lake monster plushes with coloring books and a button, cute zombie princess stickers, new earrings and necklaces featuring bloody sharks and dapper hares... AND THE SHIRTS: Lovely mermaid and unicorn skeletons printed on super soft pale pink and light blue shirts. Also not pictured are some aquatic buttons, mushroom buttons and two new prints. I'll be posting these items in my Etsy store next week and will have them at all my upcoming shows.



sounds like: "Combat Baby" Metric and sewing machine hum



<3<3<3 T SHIRTS !!1! <3<3<3<3
Pearly pink ink on super soooooft pale pink shirts... mermaid skeletons too.

sticker pack

I've been working on stuff all weekend. and these stickers are my new favorites! There are six different Zombie Princess 2" illustrated stickers in the set and they are going on sale at Anime Next this weekend!



sounds like:

What is Blaken makin'? That's an awful large pile of fleece flippers cut-outs.