sounds like: Die Hard "all you gotta do is pull the trigger..."

Warhol Pie

sounds like: Die Hard



sounds like: How It's Made: Golf Balls

Drawings from the I've Been This Way Before: Benefit for NAMI show with amazing bands Bent Knee, Ben Levin Group and MAMMOX. We had a wonderful time, met some great people, saw excellent art and helped raise money for mental illness awareness and recovery!


Queen City Kamikaze

sounds like: "Good Day" Dresden Dolls

Queen City Kamikaze in Manchester, NH was our first convention of the year and also our first convention in New Hampshire! Generally, we don't get started until April, so this little con was a wonderful bonus in a unusually mild, but still dark winter! :) Also check out that new stand we picked up at a thrift store! Nessie in style!

This last one is of a Spike cosplay. After I greeted him with a "Hi Spike!" the kid who got this one done commented that I was the first to recognize what his costume was from: "I wasn't even born yet when it came out." Eep! I was in Higschool.

Thanks to all who stopped by! Tag yourself on Facebook if you got your portrait done!




sounds like: How It's Made - BallBearings

Lovely Girl Kokeshi are complete! There are 5 of each kimono clad girl.
These girls were extra hard to make - each tiny obi is sewn onto the doll. All dolls of each set are numbered, signed and available in my etsy shop!



Working on a new batch of Kokeshi~ check out these beauty mark adorned heads.


The Elements Show through Feburary at the UForge Gallery in Jamaica Plain, MA.



Tonight the Elements group show at the UForge Gallery in Jamaica Plain is opening. The show is themed for the four elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water(almost Captain Planet) and will be going on through out February with an opening recephttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.giftion tonight at 7pm. I submitted this piece, Um Akkeri (named after one of my favorite songs) that is inspired heavily by 1980's anime, which I've been immersing my self in. The film Legend of Sirius (シリウスの伝説) was particularly influential. The ending to this film has some of the prettiest animation I've seen in a while.


Sketchbook Project

My Sketchbook Project entry finally started it's national journey yesterday with it's first stop being the Brooklyn Art Library. I chose the theme "The Last of the People I Know" and the book chronicals memories from between 2003-2005 which were the years I made the transition from fearless art student into full time working adult.

My illustrations focus on my most pleasant memories from that period - hanging with friends and sussing out our futures over copious amounts of cigarettes and beer, pining over pet cats and mice, playing in silly bands and gazing at the tops of city buildings into the gradient of a magnificent sunset.

At the end of the book there is an envelope containing five photographs from this period in my life that I drew inspiration from, but you'll have to check out my sketchbook to see those! :) The Project is going on a World Tour, although only books from Australia and the UK will actually make it back over the seas. You can check out the tour schedule here.

Check out my completed sketchbook here.