Film Strip!

I drew at Rogue Burlesque's Film Strip show tonight. It was really awesome. I got 9 drawings done and all were snatched up by performers and audience after the show, but I got some photos! :)



I'm back from Katsucon and have been resting up with a little bit of con plague. We had a fun time down in DC in that gorgeous Gaylord Hotel. The cosplay was some of the best I've seen in over flowing amounts!!! There were so many pretty lolitas and awesome mascot suits!

Here are some commissions from this weekend:


Geek Girls Boston

We had a massive blizzard in and Boston was at the epicenter pretty much. All of the fun events I was supposed to draw at got cancelled this weekend. Geek Girl Boston: Ruining Your Childhood happily happened before the storm and I did get a little drawing in last week. Yay for that. It was a 80's/90's child nostalgia show with plenty of Sesame Street, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Jem and more...


Alice Tattoo

I got photos from Charley and her Alice tattoo is almost done! Also- I'm on TUMBLR now too (but I'm just blogging photos of new art only- FOLLOW ME).


Hatching a new ideas for a series...