"But it certainly will be a nice little surprise when Richard comes home to find a little girl in the house. Yes, I've always dreamed of a little girl just like you."

Meet Me on the Waterfront, After the Social, my drawing of Angela from Sleepaway Camp. Prints on Etsy!


New things in my Etsy shop! Cute and fuzzy bats!

Blue Octopus Earrings!

Custom Trikky Cat Skullpuff!




sounds like: Blake playing Borderlands 2


Another Anime Con

This past weekend we were at Another Anime Convention in Manchester, NH. I grew up in New Hampshire so it was nice to be apart of a large Granite State convention. I was impressed by the size of the Artist Alley! It was bigger than the dealers presence (we were all in the same room). Also ... SO MUCH HOMESTUCK. I must have seen over 100 trolls pooled in the hallway at one point.

We a had a lot of fun and actually got some hang out time at this convention. We went to panels!!! We saw a panel by Nerdfit, which was hilarious. We also saw an awesome hentai panel by friend Amy Macabre who taught us about futanari and the origins of tentacle hentai. And there were many portraits!

I am going to have a convention break for this weekend and spend some time soaking up some scares at the Coolidge Corner Horror Marathon this weekend in my new dead cat pajamas! November 3rd & 4th I'll be at Rhode Island Comic Con. See you then!


Rock and Shock

This year's Rock and Shock was awesome!!! We had a wonderful time seeing friends and making new ones... AND WE SAW GWAR FINALLY!

I debuted this print of Friday the 13th called "A Dream of Jason!"

I met Heather Langenkamp, got a copy of her new documentary I AM NANCY and gave her a print of my Never Sleep Again illustration. She was SO, SO NICE. It was such a pleasure to meet her and I'm so excited she loved my illustration. Someone gave her a button earlier in the day so she was elated when I presented the print! :) :) :)

Bill Clements came to show me this TATTOO he got of the portrait he commissioned me last year and commission another. Last year he had me draw a picture of him holding his then unborn child after it had just been born. I drew a spraying umbilical cord and EVERYTHING. It was an epic portrait. SO HE INKED IT!!! SO COOL!!! I got to meet his new daughter and fiance and then draw them as zombies of course!

Photo By Kyle Kuchta

Kyle Kuchta stopped by to document a How to Draw Zombies workshop I conducted in the Rock and Shock Creative Lair for his documentary, Fantasm: Season of the Con. Fiona Fright is hard at work on a really amazing zombie drawing - eyeballs popping out and everything. AWESOME.

Some epic portraits...

This weekend we will be in Manchester, NH for Another Anime Con! See you there!


Dia De Los Muertos @ Zapow!

My tiny original water color painting "Death Portrait with Cat" is apart of the Dia De Los Muertos show at Zapow! gallery in Asheville for the next few months. If you are in the area check out this wonderful skeletal show!

As Dia De Los Muertos is the Mexican holiday celebrating the dead, I conjured up this portrait of myself and my main kitty Harold as skeletons because someday we'll be dead too! I have the traditional flower for the holiday, Marigolds in my hair, with a marigold print. Aren't we adorable dead things? :)

Photos by Lauren Johnson

Lauren, the gallery's owner, sent me some photos of my piece hung on the wall to share with you! :)


Photo by Porcelain Dalya

As a coneseaur of cult horror and exploitation cinema, I was absolutely elated to be invited to draw the Slaughterhouse Sweethearts' production THE REVENGE OF THE ROBOT BATTLE NUNS, a cult horror b-movie style burlesque play of epic proportions. From satyrs on stilts, to crowd surfing fox spirits, mutant mermaids, lesbian spider cults, mouse head adorned ta-tas - this was an AMAZING show that continued to spin heads with surprise after surprise! I couldn't draw fast enough!


Photo By Rick Silva

A few weekends ago I tabled at the Massachusetts Indie Comics Expo! I love this little comics show with a TON of wonderful artists. I was next to friend Cat Craig and among many wonderful art friends including Aaron Wood, Tofu Squirrel, The Trees and Hills and Dandelion Studios. SO MUCH LOVE. I can't wait for next year!

Photo by Cat Craig - Cat and I attempt to show off our Tofu Squirrel Buttons!


Org: Autumnal Equinox

I'm a little behind in posting lately. Good life changes in the mix! Anyway, I drew at Cloud Club a few weeks ago and, as always, it was truly a delightful evening of wonderful music, performance and short films. I always feel so lucky to be apart of these shows- they're wonderfully curated and the creative energy is so potent in the air, it's truly inspiring. :)