Con Weekend!

This past weekend I had appearances in three different states! Like whoa! On Friday night in my hometown of Boston, I guested as a portraiture artist for the Liar's and Believer's opening night performance of their dustbowl era, musical rendition of Icarus. The show was fantastic and done with a minimalist set. The actors made use of mobile circus banners and a large ring box to create a fantastic recreation of a classic tragedy. The songs were gorgeous and the lighting was by far the best I've seen in a play. The show opened with some acts by Rogue Burlesque star Bustee Keaton and the Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library! :) I drew a few awesome portraits including this one of Ian:

On Saturday we headed up to NH for Akumacon, which Pembroke High school's Anime Club hosted. We made some new friends and hung out for the day. Our friend CT came by with her son too:

(photo by Rick Lowell of my favorite Maine Brony and I chattin' Ponies)

And then on Sunday we went to Maine for my favorite small comics convention, the Maine Comic Arts Festival for a beautiful day of comics by the sea. I was across from Jeff Smith of Bone fame and my first purchase of the day was from Brian Wood's daughter. I love this festival because so many kids come hungry to learn about art and comics. My second sale was actually a trade for buttons with some middle school kids who made a comic and selfpublished it through a comic publishing website.

I did some amazing commissions for some amazing comic fans this weekend: 

I picked up some awesome comics and prints, but my favorite was my fake ID made personally by 9 year old Wyeth. Wyeth may have been busier than Jeff Smith at the con- everyone wanted a fake ID and how could you NOT? 

I will see you next year Portland! :) 



The first printing is limited to 25 comics and each comic is signed and numbered on the back by me! :) The cover is full color and the comics is 12 black and white pages detailing Wendy Wimbly's encounter with a werewolf. :) This is the first in my new series called the Tiny Trilogy of Terror.