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I had an awesome time at the Maine Comic Arts Festival. I met some really cool people, saw some friends, hung out in a beautiful convention hall by the sea, talked a lot of LOST, drew a pile of portraits and came home with a huge comic haul! I hope to return next year for more fun! The citizens of Maine are a so personable and sweet!

There was a LOST themed sketchbook going around and I drew a FLocke/Smokey as my contribution. As it was the LOST finale, we had to jet off back to Western Mass early from the festival and made it back just in time to enjoy some cold beer and vegan treats at Shannon and Leah's before the beginning of the end. I was a little overwhelmed by the montages, making out and extreme spiritualization of the final episode, but after Blake (who bleeds Sci-fi) had some insight to share, I am not so dissatisfied with the ending, though I still wish there was a little less montage, a little more action and Kate biting the dust.

As promised, the LOST mini-comic I made for MECAF and the LOST finale is up in the store!



I'm sad and excited for the final episode. It's inevitable that I'll join the masses in a Lost post partum- clutching at my other tv show dvds (long forgotten) to fill the void and pining for the rumble of the smoke monster... In celebration of this event, I made a little zine (the Locke above is a sampling of it's delights) which I'll be selling at the Maine Comic Arts Festival today and in my online shop tomorrow.

All my Lost fan videos.



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I'm going to be vending at Maine Comic Arts Festival this Sunday- unfortunately, my time there will be brief. Lost's finale has been scheduled for Sunday night and as you may have guessed: my beloved Lost fan band music making machine, Blake, will not miss this for the world (nor would I really :) ). So we'll be hanging at the festival until around 3pm and then we'll be on our way back home to a Lost party with the rest of the Others.

If your in Portland or traveling to- come by and say HELLERRrr. I'll be featuring my usual zines, a new volume of Southpaw, a Lost inspired mini-comic and more sweet delights for you to indulge. All that stuff will be up online sometime next week as well.



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My blog has a new design! I will be tweaking it here and there as I work on my site re-design! :D



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work in progress



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Rubber Whore Hell, a horror/exploitation short I worked on with some good friends will be showing at my most favorite venue, the Coolidge Corner Theater in Boston this weekend for two nights! We worked hard on this film for a class project and it was the most memorable project I've been a part of. Our 16mm shock-short will precede the midnight showing of the Human Centipede! I've got way too much to do this weekend and not enough time or funds to go to Boston for it, which is why you should go in my place!


marcel du chat

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the best skype partner ever.


vampire bunnies

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The Vampire Bunny Brigade has been blogged about at TotusMel's Wunderkammer blog!


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I've been busy knocking out some projects and now I am resting for a day or two. Pictures of those projects will be up as soon as I tear my eyes away from the endless streams of delectable Law and Order SVU episodes funneling through my ancient television set.

I was both elated and disturbed to be asked if I had seen Cannibal Holocaust by one of my students today. This reminds me that I should sign up for Rock and Shock soon.



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Happy Free Comic Book Day! Get to your local store and get your free comics!
I made a tiny free comic of a bed mermaid which will be in the Trees & Hills FCBD pack at Jetpack Comics in Rochester, New Hampshire tomorrow. I also will be leaving a trail of my bed mermaid on my travels around town tomorrow- so if you happen by Modern Myths or anywhere else in the Northampton area look for them!