Put a Bow on It

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I have a small piece for a small price at this holiday show at the Kraine Gallery Bar in NYC and the show is opening this evening! Art is a wonderful gift, so if you like it put a bow on it!


Stars and Skulls!

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This past weekend was a small whirlwind of craft shows. Yesterday we we're out in Western Massachusetts at the Stars and Skulls Crafty Craft Fair. This was our third year at the Stars and Skulls and our busiest and funnest yet! We shared some cube-age with our dear friend Rachel and her amigarumi delights (including a crocheted yellow submarine and a nice variety of catnip sushi) and were sandwiched between long time friend Karen Ducey's Moon and Sundries and Colin Tedford of Trees and Hills, a fabulous comic collective I belonged to when I lived in the wilds of the west. I drew some portraits, saw lots of good friends and met some awesome new people! Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table!


My Shades of Grey

We had a great time at the My Shades of Grey Craft Benefit this evening! I drew a few portraits , met a lot of great people and had some delicious food. What could be better than drawing portraits, talking about horror movies and drinking Heinekens? Not much. I also drew a new record for myself: a nine person portrait of all the employees of A Touch of Color hair salon in Lynn. It is pretty hard to fit 9 lovely ladies on one page. *0*

This kid's name was Brian and he had me draw him with his mum who he was selling jewelry with at the show too. Nerds of a feather flocked together - it only takes a Cenobaby to start up a two hour conversation about movies. :)

Tomorrow we'll be back in WMass at the Stars and Skulls Crafty Craft Fair! W00T!


Holiday Shows

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I'm going to be (or my artwork and crafts) will be at a number of places this month!

Tonight the SMFA Art Annual Sale opened and will be going on all weekend. I have five pieces in the sale for purchase. 50% of sales go to student scholarships!

For the citizens of North Carolina: ZaPow! Gallery is carrying a selection of my collection.

And I will be around Massachusetts for the next few weekends...

12/10 - My Shades of Gray Craft Benefit
Knights of Columbus
117 Lynnfield Street
Lynn, MA
Hours - 6-10pm

12/11 - Stars and Skulls Crafty Craft Fair
American Legion Post 271
162 Russell Street (Route 9)
Hadley, MA

12/17-18 Footlight Club/UForge Holiday Show
We are Stationed at:
The Footlight Club
7A Eliot Street


SMFA Art Annual

I dropped off 5 pieces of work to my alma mater, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, last weekend. Starting on December 8th you can purchase framed Harajuku No. 5, Red Riding Siesta, Artichoke, Hair and one of my Dr. Sketchy's Burlesque drawings of the lovely Porcelain Dalya at the Annual Art Sale.

SMFA sent along this nice little press release about the sale...
"This isn't an open house, or a tour. It's an art sale, and it's amazing. Now in its 31st year, the Museum School Art Sale is the largest art sale in New England, and features work in all disciplines from more than 400 SMFA-affiliated artists—students, alumni, faculty, staff and more. If you really want to see the incredible caliber of art that comes out of this school, we invite you to attend. This is an incredible opportunity to see what we produce; to see what we're all about.

Our opening reception is Thursday, December 8, from 5–8 pm. With performance art and music by DJ Holtie, you can browse the galleries, adorned with artwork, and mingle with the artists themselves and the collectors who attend every year. The sale is open from December 8–11, 10 am–8 pm daily. It's a great opportunity—we'd love to have you visit.The Admissions Office is open during the sale; we encourage you to stop by and say hello. The office opens at 9 am each day, and closes at 6 pm on Thursday, 7 pm on Friday and 4 pm on Saturday. Admissions is closed on Sunday."



Photo by Stephen Hall
Steven Hall, creator of Doodle Divas, kindly posed for this picture with my wall at the ZaPow! Gallery in Asheville, North Carolina. Steven renders darling divas doing everything from pirating to rocking out and is also an artist at the ZaPow! Gallery.

Photo from ZaPow! Gallery
Behind the creators of Zapow! in this picture, on the wall, is one of my favorite drawings of mine I made on a brown paper bag! XD

An excellent selection of my work is available at the gallery including prints, jewelry, hair accessories and the Make Your Own Grave plush. ZaPow! Gallery is Asheville's newest and coolest art gallery that represents a selection of illustrators and pop artists, provides studio space for locals and is in general really awesome. I'm kinda sad they haven't invented the transporter yet so I could check it out. If you're in the Asheville area you should!


Moore Coloring Party

Justin Moore took some amazing photographs from the Coloring Party show at the Middle East Upstairs a few weeks ago! The incredible creative and interactive vibe of the night is perfectly captured!

Check them out on his flickr!


See Inside

I've been plotting a bunch of new pieces based on old pieces I did when I first started using brush and ink. See Inside is the first in the series to be completed, the original drawing was done three years ago. I've grown quite a bit as an artist in three years for sure.


Tonight at the ZaPow! Gallery in Asheville, NC is the Merry Everything Holiday Spectacular! A selection of my work is available at the gallery along with Stephen Hall's Doodle Divas and many more talented illustrators and pop artists! If you be in the Asheville area stop by and check it out!

Here's the info:
ZaPow! Gallery
Merry Everything Holiday Spectacular
Small Works Show Original art from $6-75
21 Battery Park Ave., Suite 101
November 26, 2011 7:00 - 9:00 pm

FREE French Broad Wee Heavier on Tap
Live Gypsy Swing performed by The Busk Box Players



OH WOW!!1! All weekend (and Monday too!) get 20% off in my shop using the coupon code: SAVETHEZOMBIES starting NOW! Buy local, buy handmade this holiday season!



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Photo by Brian Leboeuf
We were at SuperMegaFest this weekend at the crazy tudor Sheraton in Framingham. Blake met Patrick Stewart, I had awkward encounter with Sam Tramell of True Blood, and drew portraits and commissions in between! Thanks to all who stopped by our weirdly placed hallway booth!

These two commissions above were for adorably sweet Ava of Fanzpo.

Pfft! Look at that Trekkie! :)



I'm at SuperMegaFest this weekend in Framingham! Stop by and say hi!


coloring party

Bent Knee
Coloring Party was epic! Four fantastic bands, a room full of people on the floor with crayons and body painting. I really enjoyed all the bands- the line up was incredible! Extra points to Bent Knee's incredible cover of Nine Inch Nails' Closer. Thanks to all who checked out my drawings!



Sounds of Venus
More live band artwork here...


I'm gonna be there drawing the bands and you can come to draw too!



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Album art

JP Rocks & Rolls

JP Rocks & Rolls was great! Thanks to all who stopped by my table!

I drew a portrait for this adorable couple- one of which was wearing a Guitar Wolf t-shirt. X)
Pictures of other tables and from past events are located here!


See Inside

sounds like: アンデルセン童話 にんぎょ姫

In progress right now... a nice revamp of See Inside.



Last week I was in NYC to see the PSSSsssT! group show at the Kraine Gallery Bar before the show closed on the 2nd. I snapped a few pictures of it's delights~ and there were so many!

There was another Kristy Lynn in the show! Our pieces were besides each other as seen above! <3<3 My name is very uncommon and I've only met two other Kristilyns (in varying spelling formations). A true treat.


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