zombie princess pencil

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animated gif of my latest pencil test.


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I made a skirt! Well-- altered one. A few months ago I got this brown linen mini skirt at Old Navy on clearance for $2.00. I liked the skirt, but it was too short. I got it anyway with the idea I could find a way to lengthen it.

Last summer I got these wicked vintage mushroom print curtains from a free pile. Most of the curtains are hanging in my living room, but there were a remaining few oddball ruffly one. I took an extra long ruffle and sewed it to the bottom of the skirt. After I added double sided bias tape to the hem of the curtain (the basting stitch was falling off). The tape adds a nice stiffness to the frill and over all I really love it. It's a nice, light skirt!


the workplace: animation stand

sounds like: "de camino a la vereda" buena vista social club

I made an impromptu animation stand tonight. It was quite easy: I put my digital video camera on my tripod, took a light fixture clip and clipped it to the shelf next to my desk and laid the cam and tripod across it, tying it to the light clip for extra support. I added a light source in addition to my desk lantern, but there needs to be another one and they both need to have brighter bulbs. The camera is connected to my computer and I capture the images with a cool free Mac based capture program called Frame Thief.

I animated and shot this cute anime girl blinking. Since the light source is crappy I ran her through a batch action in Photoshop CS2 and upped the contrast to make the lighting orangy and weird. Not the best, but whatever. Now that I have the set up I can whip out nicer things.


the workplace

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My computer work station... (click picture for annotated tour)

Harold infiltrates the sewing station...


hoard of nerdery

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All of a sudden I am findings amazing deals on really cool things. Above I am holding the amazing Black Label Collector Edition Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" Barbie that I scored at Big Lots today for $15.00 (She's going for $35.00 on Ebay and $40.00 on the Barbie collector's site)

In addition to the wicked Tippi Barbie, I scored a ceramic dish of Kermit and Miss Piggy in a boat at the Salvation Army, Hidamari Gloomy Bear on Garage Sale Japan (LJ) for 1/3 of the price and a sweet Legend of Zelda t-shirt from evil Wal-Mart.



leslie and the ly's

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photo by Nicole Acevedo

Wednesday night Blake and I voyaged to the grand city of Boston for the Leslie and the LY's, BJ Snowden and Stereo Total show at the Middle East Downstairs. This was actually the first LY's show I had the pleasure of viewing and not participating in (though Leslie did call me up as a special guest hype girl for a very accurate album version of "Beatbuster"). It was awesome. Probably the most awesome thing I've seen in a while! There was plenty of stage gimmicks, wicked videos and extreme LY cuteness. Everyone was singing along and dancing their hearts out!

BJ's performance was, as alway, hysterically astounding. She played a new Daisuke Matsuzaka song, her usual bout of school and Canada songs and an amazing minute long "Big Boobs" song prefaced with a joke: "My boobs are so big when I go to the restaurant they just give me a chair and no table. I asked them, 'Why don't you give me a table?' and they said 'Lady, you're boobs are so big you don't need one!" Amazing.

On top of great performances, it was good to see old friends Leslie, Laura, Brooke, Nicole, an abundance of long-time LY fans and finally meet Mona Bonez (who is an expert on trash tv and a delight to hang around). :) I hope it's not to long before we can all convene again.


more etsy!

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Even more items up in my store!



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more to be uploaded tomorrow!


the body

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“Know that although in the eternal scheme of things you are small, you are also unique and irreplaceable, as are all your fellow humans everywhere in the world.” - Margaret Laurence

This drawing of mine has been featured in this Deviant Art article: The Artistry of the Body.


blobs forever

sounds like: "chicken bone circuit" rjd2

This past weekend has been ladened with illness and all I've done is adorn the bed in my bathrobe and watch Dollar Store Sonny Chiba dubs. Today, I am feeling much better and have gotten a lot of stuff done- including animating a really simple ten second short. hahaha. It's the first thing I've done in while. I used the free animation program Pencil to animate it.