We have been snowed in after the holiday in the northeast! Sunday, I went out into the fray to play some video games with Chris and then to soak up some reality tv and grilled cheese with Caroline. I got this lovely winter coat that is both warm and practical. It has served me well in this onslaught of winter weather.




sounds like: "Popular" Lil Wayne

I finally finished my Deer Hood House Hat. I gave one to my friend Caroline because she is always cold in her house and made one for me. I'm modeling it above in a strange pose. :) Lucy models it below...

Each DHX3 is made of fleece, fur and felt. I got the idea from a photo of a doll sized deer hood someone made. It took me roughly four hours to complete both hoods with scarfs. They are lined with a cute woodland print and are suuuuper warm. Just in time for Boston's first snow!



OOOOOO! Karen has informed me my work was used for the Etsy article, Etsy Success Reading List: Naughty Edition. That's rad!


stars and skulls!

sounds like: rain and purrs

I just got back from the Stars and Skulls Crafty Craft Fair. I love this show to the bone. There are so many nice vendors, the patrons are so pleasant and supportive and lots of W.Mass friends came out to see us. Childhood friend Karen Ducey who makes amazing wallets, jewelry, cards and buttons was my table neighbor again this year! w00t! Can't wait for next year's!

More portraits here...


stars and skulls!

Gonna be there tomorrow!!!


I had an excellent time at Holiday Handjobs last night! I sold a ton of prints and did a lot of portraits! W00T! Tomorrow I will be in Hadley, Ma at the American Legion for The Stars and Skulls Crafty Craft Fair!

more photos...



I won't be giving hand jobs, but I will be drawing portraits at Holiday Handjobs this Friday from 7 to 11pm at the Dillboy VFW in Cambridge! Check out the FB event page!



My hand is a bit cramped from furiously penciling 24 pages of storyboards this week for my friends' horror film. Harold made a board-nest.

I forgot to mention My zine Southpaw volume 2 a comic of mine were featured on mygirlthursday.com last week in her zine extravaganza. Storyboard hell is over now and I can focus on churning out some fun new stickers, buttons, prints and earrings for the two holiday shows I have next week!



Here is a list of upcoming craft shows I will be at selling my delights and drawing custom portraits for the masses:

December 4: GINGERBREAD STATION @ First Baptist Church on 633 Centre Street in Jamaica Plain, MA (10am-3pm)

December 10: HOLIDAY HANDMADEJOBS @ Dilboy VFW on 371 Summer Street Davis Square in Somerville, MA (7pm-11pm)

December 12: STARS & SKULLS CRAFTY CRAFT FAIR @ the American Legion in Hadley, MA (10am-4pm)