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Those battle angel school girls made it onto a large board for the Female Show at the Rant Gallery (Opening this Saturday 6-10pm).

I will be showing four pieces along with a slew of other talented ladies until the end of July. Come and check it out!



Blake had his wisdom teeth pulled. I'm envious because when I had mine pulled I wanted to keep them, but they threw them all away. His oral surgeon gave them to him. I put them in peroxide to bleach them and eat away all the gummy flesh, but they're not ready yet. You can see parts of his jawbone they chipped out with the tooth. That's particularly eerie to me.
Today I am 28 and Michael Jackson has been dead for a year. :)



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Life is busy: I have a group show and a convention coming up next month, a cat with weird health problems, hot hot weather and the initiation of relocation (cross your fingers for 8 Porter street. XB). Oh yes, and I turn 28 this week!

Harold is not a fan of the vet...

...but he is a fan of being the navigator!



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I hung out at the Valley Hands last night and showed some work, had some work for sale and made some work.

Mental floss, killer school girls, birdskull flower.

Lou Leelyn is the coolest upcycler (upcyclist?) ever. She uses everything! Scraps are cut up into confetti, stuff in cereal bags and ironed to make more materials for pouches and vessels.

Dorene is the owner of Valley Hands! She makes beautiful watercolors and illustrations!



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I'll be at the Valley Hands Creative Space tomorrow from 4pm to 8pm drawing and selling some work and crafts. Lou Leelyn of Lou's Upcycles will also be in the space making some upcycled accessories. Come by and check us out!





Saturday night we went to the opening of the RANT gallery owned by the fabulous Christina Gusek. The opening show was of her work which Blake and I quickly assessed that only two of her pieces did not feature her theme of eyeballs. Eyeballs or not- her paintings made me nostalgic for Cartoon Sushi or Æon Flux and that's awesome.

Endangered species boxed condoms!



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SOUTHPAW volume 2 is finally here! This issue features some of my comics, some COLOR art and lots of glitter! AND if you order it online you get a FREE BUTTON!