Sookie Stackhouse eats Gran's last pecan pie. I've been watching True Blood.



I hang out with seals* and I has no interwebs. Blake discovered an app for his phone that turns it into a modem that is a bit faster than dial-up. Hopefully, we will have interwebs soon. Until then my blog posting will be slow. In other news, I will be at this year's Rock and Shock in Worcester in October!

* My sister and I went to look at the seals that are on permanent display at the New England Aquarium ticketing booth. I've frequented the seals on my jaunts through Boston Harbor many a time, usually at night when there aren't a zillion tourist waddling around in crocs. This particular and recent day, we had to wade through a flock of French tourist to see the seals nomming on fish-cicles, but it was well worth it when this big guy surfaced slyly in front of me with a satisfied grin. He hung out for a second for me to record his pleasant pose which I pass on to you.


china chow

sounds like: "Champion Requiem" Mos Def

The above work of marker vomit was created the other day at darling Cat's house. We nomed soggy popcorn and delicious brats and potato salad, watched the ever gawk-tastic Work of Art and drew. My sketchbook is still lost in a sea of boxes so she lent me hers. Amongst the usual 3/4 standard KL girlfaces are pickle loving Snooki and weeping China Chow.

I also just moved to Boston. I'm excited to be back in my lovely little city. My shop will be down until I am settled into my new space.


sounds like: "Notorious Thugs" Notorious B.I.G.

Last weekend we drove back out west to see the Wiener theme show at the RANT. There were many interpretations of "wiener" and free hot dogs to be had all around. My piece was "Hot Dog Queen" and a complimenting hot dog dachshund art magnet.