Here are some portraits from the SOCKHOP at the 119 Gallery in Lowell. We had a great time!

It's been a busy week at my dayjob and with Thanksgiving. I have a few shows coming up and projects to be done, which will hopefully find themselves posted on here real soon.



sounds like: "Rococo" Arcade Fire




I will be at the SOCKHOP at the 119 Gallery in Lowell, MA this weekend. Come and see me!




sounds like: "Never will it Stop" Clipse

I've been working on a secret comic for a secret blog that will be coming to light in a few weeks. I have a handful of projects on my plate pertaining to bands and horror films as well as my own personal project. BUSY BUSY BUSY. Here is a long over due scan of my Scream Queen from Rock and Shock 2010.



We had a table at Synapse Fest II at the Raven in Worcester on Saturday. It was an excellent time and all the bands were exceptional. Performances enjoyed included Gone Bad and the excellent NYC based Japanese band UZUHI. The lovely Tsubasa commissioned me to draw the band and her cute bunny and band mascot Peach as individual buttons to give to her band mates. They all likes them so much, Katsuragi commissioned two more of himself and his girlfriend! They were so nice and put on a great show! They traded the hand drawn buttons for a CD, which is now cycling on my ipod. うずひ ありがとうございます!



sounds like: "Worried Shoes" Karen O and the Kids

Concept art for my Science Project Gone Wrong sketchbook for the Brooklyn Art Library's Sketchbook Project. I'm going to make it into a comic. I'm contemplating how I'm going to do that since the pages of the books are a bit thin for my inks. I'll probably be pasting into the book. I need to get myself a good haul of my favorite pens for this.



I'll be at Synapse Fest this weekend in Worcester, MA. Stop by my table and say 'hello!'


sounds like: "I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good" Nina Simone

Rabbits and Bunnies, OH MY!
showcases my VERY LAST COPY of the Vampire Bunny Brigade. After this sells, I will not be printing anymore singular editions. I am working on a small collection of cute horror tales for next year. Who will snatch up the last copy?