Put A Bow On It NYC!

Tonight at the Kraine Gallery Bar in NYC is the Put A Bow On It Holiday Show with all works under $300! I have a piece in the show based on my favorite Japanese exploitation film, FEMALE PRISONER 701: THE SCORPION or, in Japanese: SASORI.

For a female prison exploitation film, SASORI is incredibly though out in is visual delivery. The shot I chose to render in my own devices, is the a climatic shot of a flashback on how Matsu- The Scorpion, ended up in prison. Through out the scene the camera flips from being under Matsu laying on a "glass floor" to better get her perspective. There's twirling stages, lights in the floor... all these crazy effects.

And Matsu is awesome. AWESOME. AWESOME.

Anyway, check out Put a Bow on it tonight at 9pm and get some cheap art!

I have one more show coming up on Saturday in Northampton, MA and three other shows going on that I'm apart of around the east coast. Check out my gallery schedule:


Miniatures 2.0 @ Uforge

The Miniatures 2.0 show is up all month long at the Uforge Gallery. I have two matching pieces in this show called "Til Death Do We Part" featuring a pair of wedding themed, macabre bunnies (or rabbit remains). I liked the idea of making a matching pair for the show since we could submit two pieces. All works in this show are 3"x3" and under!

Long time collage artist friend and serene art school mate, Meg Dubno trekked up from New Jersey for the show. She has two lovely pieces on display as well!