sounds like: EVIL DEAD

Happy Halloween from my couch watching the bestest.



And the stars are exploding in your eyes...

New art going to the PPsssttt! show which has been extended ended as scheduled!
Rose has sold so Stars Exploding in Your Eyes will be going in it's place appearing ssssOOOooooOOoon!



sounds like: "#1 Crush" Garbage

Photo by Singer Mali

Singer Mali of Jaggery asked me to participate in Coloring Party at the Middle East Upstairs on November 17th. There will be wonderful bands and lots of arting! So come out and get your draw on! :)


strawberry cake!

It's coming along...


strawberry cake!

Something new I'm working on based on the Sugarcube's song "Fucking in Rhythm and Sorrow" for the November UForge Show:

A divorced lady arrives home from a bar
Guess, guess what she sees, sees there
There is a naked person in my flat!
He's got a weird expression on his face!
Oh my god and jesus as well!
W-what are you doing here?
Are you hurting your chest?
Offending yourself?
Forcing yourself into pain and sorrow like there is no tomorrow?
You should use the pain and sorrow
To fill you up with power
Life's both sweet and sour!

He looks at me hopeless with tears in his eyes
Goes out of the window and up on the roof
Naked man, naked man calm down!
I-I'll give you some strawberry cake!

Don't act like there is no tomorrow
You should use the pain and the sorrow
To fill you up with power
Life's both sweet and sour!


Rock & Shock

Rock and Shock rocked our pants off! We had so much fun this year and met so many great people. Our booth was looking quite nice as well this year with our addition of an extra table and twice as much merchandise! I drew a slew of gorey portraits and a few cute commissions. We can't wait for next year!

More convention portraits can be found here.


Rock & Shock

Are you ready for Rock & Shock? I am! We're going to have bats, graves, nessies, hairbows, hair pins, t-shirts, custom art, orginal art, prints of art, zines and more jewelry that you can shake a machete at! Oh, and you can get this lovely Never Sleep Again print before it goes up in my Etsy store and get it signed by Robert Englund and Heather Langenkamp!


never sleep again

I'm preparing for Rock and Shock! Never gonna sleep again!!!
Chris, Blake and I have successfully completed the entire Nightmare on Elm Street movie series (well Chris has watched them all a zillion times) in preparation of this years festivities as the guests of honor feature Robert Englund and Heather Langenkamp. I wanted to do a Nightmare themed drawing for the convention... this is the scene I picked. Other contenders were Freddy licking Nancy over the phone and Freddy wearing Ray Bans. It's coming along nicely... but not complete yet.


Dr. Sketchy's

A sampling of the Dr. Sketchy delights from today... better pictures up tomorrow!





Some new items in my shop...Pefect for Halloween!

Check out this blog, Persistent Vision, which featured my "MEAT" illustration.

And... Rock & Shock is next week! :3



sounds like: Super Jail



sounds like: Hellraiser II

Drawings from Org: Asylum show at Oberon in Cambridge, Ma.
More live drawings here.



A small smackeral of a sampling from last night show Org: Asylum.

The show was amazing. A full experience of all senses on the theme of asylum and madness: nurses, patients, dancer, performance art, body painting, poems, burlesque, bands... and I drew as much of it as I could. I turned out with a nice volume of figure drawings which I will take nicer pictures of this afternoon. I sold one last night, however, and the picture I took on the spot came out blurry, but you can get the gist:

More club shots here...