Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey ACEOs of Mr. Bates and Lady Mary Crawley.

Dame Maggie Smith owns this series.



For the UForge Gallery Spectrum show...

Monster Masquerade

You may or may not have noticed that the date and venue of the Monster Masquerade next weekend has changed! Davis Square Theater pulled some sheisty moves and cancelled the show for another show they thought they'd make more money off of.

Lots of money, time and resources were wasted in the result of this greedy move, however, the bands were able to find a new venue, Radio Bar, get the age requirement they wanted (18+) and just a day later than planned. All pre-sale tickets will be honored even if they are for the original date and if you can't make the new date, you will be refunded.

Regardless of the series of unfortunate events laid on this show, it's going to be BO$$. There's a monster costume contest, all of these bands rock and are no doubt planning special stage surprises for us all and of course, I'll be drawing it all!!! It's $10.00 a ticket and it's worth every penny. Get your fangs and your horns and your spikes and scales and come to this show!


Art Show of Horrors

Tomorrow in Philadelphia is the Mausoleum Art Show of Horrors at PhilaMOCA and I have these two pieces in it! Lil' Raven is an original 5"x7" drawing in a frame I customized myself and See Inside is a 5"x7" print in a lovely resin frame. Both works are for sale! There will be lots of other wonderful work and a screening of awesome horror short films. The next day they are hosting a horror convention! I won't be there in person, so I encourage you to go see my works if your local! If not you can always get prints of them in my shop. :)

Anime Next

sounds like: "Stranger" Michael J Epstein Memorial Library Day Trotter Session

We got back from Anime Next a few days ago. Whoa. What a show! We had a lot of fun despite some strange happenings at the convention (like the lights going out while we were packing up- and STAYING out). Drew some awesome commissions and trades, saw friends and wore wigs all weekend!

"Shipping" (or Relationshipping) is an interesting aspect of fandom to me mostly because I can't really wrap my head around it or why it's so fun to "ship" characters in media. I was asked to draw a sexy shipping of Marceline the vampire and Princess Bubblegum from Adventure time. It is very odd to me to sexualize existing children's cartoons - though I do appreciate the gawk factor of rule 34s, I'm not into drawing it.

This was the best I could muster - bewbie grabs.

After the success of the Sugarless Gum Bewbie Grab, my friend traded me a drawing of my favorite MLP Moondancer for a date commission of Finn and the fire princess. I thought the idea of her cooking a marshmallow was cute. While drawing it, an older gentleman who most certainly was somewhere on the spectrum caught sight of my drawing: "IS THAT ADVENTURE TIME?" "Yup!" I replied. "WHAT IS SHE DOING?!" "She's helping Finn cook a marshmallow!" I said brightly. "OH NO. THAT'S MEAN." "B-But I thought it was kind of nice... like a date!" I stuttered, realizing quickly there was no winning this one, I've worked with autistic individuals before and you cannot change their minds! :) "NO. THAT IS MEAN. HE SHOULDN'T MAKE HER COOK FOR HIM. DON'T YOU KNOW THAT'S MEAN? DON'T YOU THINK SO?" I could relate as a feminist so I very seriously responded "Yes. Deep down on a feminist level, YOU sir, are very right." and he walked away. Jessie liked it despite it's presumed misogynistic undertones. hehe.

and the portraits...


Anime Next & More

June is a very busy month already! We're busy finishing up the last of our inventory for Anime Next on Friday! I'm so excited. We had a great time last year and are so excited to return this year! :) We have a great booth location - #3 right next to the entrance!


June 15th two small pieces (one framed print, one original) of mine will be in Philadelphia for the Mausoleum Art Show of Horrors at PhilaMOCA and the very next day they are having a horror convention!

I'll also be at the Bizarre Bazaar Union Made show on June 24th and then live drawing Emily Peal at the Middle East Upstairs after.

Zapow! Gallery will have me as a featured artist at their table at Heroes Con in Charlotte that weekend too (June 22-24).

To end the month on June 30th, I'll be live drawing at the Monster Masquerade show with Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys, Jaggery and Bent Knee! All who attend are encouraged to dress their scariest!!! Wow what a month in store!