Of M.I.C.E. & Nuns

I'm going to be at the Mass Indie Comics Expo tomorrow in the Porter Exchange building in Cambridge. There will be a ton of wonderful local artist present and it's free to get in!

and then and then...

On Sunday at 8pm I'll be live drawing at the Revenge of the Robot Battle Nuns show at Oberon. Come see this fantastic b-movie style burlesque play!

The End of the World. A lesbian Spider cult. The President's mutant daughter. Mad science. A beautifully plain girl. And one bloody, perverse story of revenge.

Who amongst you has a taste for the bizarre? An eager ear for this terrible tale? For those with a strong stomach, a twisted mind, and a perverse groin, REVENGE OF THE ROBOT BATTLE NUNS is "An epic, b-horror, sci-fi, apocalyptic adventure from the brain of a burlesque dancer. It's as messed up as it is beautiful. This show has it all, aerialists, drag, splatter (wear a white T-shirt if you want a little flavor saver), comedy, violence, and, of course, tassels. If I wasn't in it, you bet your ass I'd be there." So what does happen when two people who hate each other the most end up stuck together in the end of the world? What is the sexy Scout's dark secret? What do you see if you lick a nuclear frog woman? Where did the chaos start? What kind of welcome do you receive from a Lesbian Spider Cult? And WHO are the Robot Battle Nuns?!? Curiousity piqued? Nerves shaking? Pants tightening? Well, don't worry, apocalyptic cuties.. The Robot Battle Nuns are closer than you think. Get tickets while they last.



sketchbook luv.

Gender Show

Photos from the Gender Show in Northampton. I didn't make it out to the opening because I was at the Art Exchange (when will they invent teleportation devices?), but I heard it was a great success! I came out the next day and was flabbergasted by the intense body of work Christina organized! GREAT SHOW. I'm so excited for future Rant Traveling Gallery shows.

Art/Music Exchange

Photos from an amazing Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library Art/Music Exchange show at the Out of the Blue Gallery in Cambridge. We had a great time! So much delicious music and art, delightful individuals and roaming animals to make the evening pure creative magic. :)


The Gender Show

This weekend in Northampton the Gender Show is happening at the Whoo Space! 14 artists were invited to create art that relates to their personal perception of their gender for this Low-Brow art show. The show is organized by the lovely Christina Guisek, who discovered me on the internet three or four years ago and asked me to show at her gallery, the Rant. The Rant is now a mobile gallery and this is it's first pop up show. Friends Cat Craig and Lolita-A-Go-Go's art will also be present.

My piece is entitled "PUSS-stachio" and is a self portrait featuring my mustached vagina. Growing up I heard time and time again how I should act in order to adhere to proper lady-dom. "A Bull in a China Shop" is a common phrase my mother would often associate with me. Despite my upbringing's voracious attempts to turn me into a model citizen of the girly kind, I still reject it. At the core my very female anatomy desires a mustache and the freedom to be as girly or boyish as it desires.

Check out the Gender Show event information here. I will not be present at the gallery for the opening, as I'll be attending the Art Exchange happening in Boston, but I will be present on Saturday if you'd like to stop by and say hello!



On Friday the Out of the Blue Gallery is hosting the Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library Art Exchange show! The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library invited five artists to create five pieces of art of existing MJEML songs and the MJEML made five songs from existing pieces of their work. I chose the song "Stranger" and created this piece! :)

I picked this song because I really, really love the lyrics and could really go off into my "world" I've been creating with my ink pen. It was a favorite for playlists and mix cds when I was invited to participate in this project and I had already coined imagery around it, as I do when I listen to music on the way to work in the morning. ;)

I specifically developed imagery from the lyrics "Sometimes I whisper just to make you feel alone / Sometimes I run away for the rush of coming home Sometimes they ask me why I let you slip away / When they can't think of nothing, nothing else to say." I tried to capture the loneliness and tenderness of the song with ghosts and skeletons juxtaposed with glowing, plush bird ladies dispelling thoughts on the temperance of life in a dark forest.

I made a little video of the inking and coloring process set to the song. My cats were pretty excited about me drawing apparently and interrupted the process multiple times. :) I'm really excited by how this piece turned out, I feel like I've leveled up in creating interesting color schemes which is something I've been working to improve on.

In exchange for creating an art piece, the Michael J. Memorial Library created a song around my piece "The Procession" and they documented their process in this video. I love, love, love the story they developed around my piece through the lyrics and music: a war where the lady deer have massacred all the male deer and the procession of the females after. There's a wonderful eery and airy quality to the song which is told with three voices: the main centaur, her lady fawns and the males.

The show takes place this Friday at 9pm at the Out of the Blue Gallery in Cambridge. There will be a live performance of the song, a show of the work and free cds with booklets!

Read more about the project through the MJEML blog here and read the MJEML post for "The Procession" here.

Street Art

sounds like: OZ Season 4

The Street Art show in up until the end of September at the UForge Gallery in Jamaica Plain. This is my favorite show yet (mostly just because I really love street art :3 ).

There is an INCREDIBLE mural by Andrew Spear in the front of the gallery and this awesome video of it's creation to go with it.


Street Art

I've got lots of gallery lovin' coming this month starting with the UForge Street Art show which will contain my piece "Moonviewing." I submitted my latest work because I've been heavily influenced with street art for a while now. I'm mostly drawn the bold outlines of a lot of works. I remember stepping out of the Chelsea Hotel in NYC to see this piece on a security door and was floored. Such sure and demanding linework.

"Moonviewing" is inspired mostly by the Little Mermaid. I grew up loving this hour long anime version that's true to the short story and the Mermaid turns to foam at the end. I remember thinking it was kind of bullshit when the Disney version came out and Ariel DIDN'T DIE like she was supposed to. Regardless of the tragic ending, I was mostly drawn to the mermaidy parts anyway of course. So I made an illustration of a mermaid in a city harbour with the skull of a long gone love.

"When A Mermaid Comes of Age" Andersen Dowa Ningyo Hime

I've got more shows coming up that I will be posting about soon!