dirty secrets

Backgrounds for champs! Still workin' workin'.



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Anatomy of my outfit.


dr. sketchy's

Photo by Justin Moore
Most excellent photographer Justin Moore has posted some awesome pictures of the Dr. Sketchy's session with Persephone! There are a couple of photos me in action so check them out!

dirty secrets

sounds like: "bang bang (my baby shot me down)" nancy sinatra

I inked some more last night to the tune of Wrath of Khan. The hair has around five layers of color on it and it's amazing how much richer she looks because of it. I am enjoying this slow pace. This drawing is at about six hours... My Murder Tales pieces (Alice, Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Cinderella) took about two hours each. Dirty Secrets is on bigger bristol, but I'm still slowing myself down considerably and it's paying off well.


mushroom song

May your mushrooms sing!


dirty secrets

sounds like: "empty room" the arcade fire

I snapped this before going off to work this morning. I'm trying to slow myself down when drawing a little. This lady has already been through two drafts and some minor pose adjustment. She has very long limbs, but I wanted her to appear very willowy even when curled up. Anyway... let's see if I can drag her production out a week and come up with a detailed background idea.


star trek

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Blake and I just finished watching the first season of Star Trek. It was quite enjoyable. Here is my favorite offensive move of the Captain:


dirty secrets

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Drawing desk scene right now...

dr. sketchy's

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Photo by Aliza Shapiro
Truth Serum now has photos up of the last Dr. Sketchy's session with Persephone. Check out some saucy drawing in action!


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sounds like: "new friend" the concretes

I have dreams of going to Nara to pet deer...



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"Cenobabies" was featured in the Spookcalicious treasury by Cartooniecatdoodles! Thanks!



sketchbook project 2011

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I finished my SCIENCE PROJECT GONE WRONG sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project 2011! I made my sketchbook into a little comic about a teenage scientist who's experiments often go arrye. In addition to penning around 30 pages, I placed an awesome rainbow Periodic Table of Elements in the back along with photographs of Madame Curie and Dr. Carl Sagan. I am scanning my book tonight and it'll go out to the Brooklyn Art Library tomorrow!

I plan on making this comic into a zine, but for now you can enjoy tidbits on my Fanpage: Sketchbook Project 2011 Album.

I've been working on this book for a few months and the other night my friend Cat came over to finish up her sketchbook and took some pictures of me working with a Lucy in the lap.


dr. sketchy's

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Caroline and I went to Truth Serum's Dr. Sketchy's Boston Chapter at Great Scott on Sunday to draw Persephone! I won some tickets to TraniWreck on Thursday in a drawing contest, saw some cool rigging and got my draw on hardcore.

I'm going to have to take better pictures of my drawings this weekend... Since it's winter, I'm always at work when it's light out. Thank you blizzard..!



Collaboration between Cat Craig and I! It's done in both watercolors (Cattycatcat) and Inks (KLLLLLLLL).

plant girl




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2010 went out with an exhausting fizzle and it was a pretty bittersweet year filled with a lot of changes. I'm pleased to have managed to complete every single one of my goals set for this year! A new and more challenging list has been laid out for 2011, revenue is being harbored for tables for new shows (planning on a return to NYC and maybe adventuring to the east coast con-mecca: Otakon), and my little fingers are churning out new delights for consumption whilst simultaneously battling the woes of winter desire for hibernation. I've also feverishly working on my sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project which is due in 9 days (will post scans before it makes it's departure). I took a break to sketch some lovely girls and think about creative focus and ways to improve my work. まけγͺい!

Here is to a very happy 2011 for everyone!