Here is a Lion of Judah Tattoo commission I did for my friend Jason



Photo by Chris Newell

I have an unstoppable desire to draw on white boards when I see them...


Photo by Ben Brophy
Had a great time at the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo this past weekend with Shaanti Williams of Whut Good?. I made two new zines for the expo which will be up later this week on Etsy. Special thanks to all the lovely darlings that came out to see us!

More Official M.I.C.E. photos can be found here...


zr ladies

sounds like: twin peaks pilot

Many thanks to my lovely models Caroline and Supriya for posing with some of my items and being awesome, gorgeous ladies! See them modeling off my items in my Etsy store!



Photo by Chris Newell

Intensely working while at the laundry matte.



Oh my~ what are we making?


I <3 Nancy.

This is why.



There's a lot going on in the upcoming months - here is the low down:

September 24th I'll be at the Massachusetts Independent Comic Expo (M.I.C.E.) at Lesley University and will be sharing my table with the ever talented Shaanti Williams of Whut Good?.

September 30th you can catch me drawing amazing live performance acts at Org: Asylum at Oberon. I will be drawing live onsite and also selling my drawings as well!

October 12th through November 2nd the above drawing, 'Rose,' will be at the Psssst! Group Show at the Kraine Bar Gallery in New York City. This show will be _excellent_.

October 14th through the 16th is ROCK & SHOCK at the DCU Center in Worcester. I'll have a table full of SHOCK and will be hanging with Gary Busey and Rrrrrrobert Englund!

November 6th I'll be vending at a local Record and Craft Fair: JP Rocks & Rolls! No location yet, but it will be in Jamaica Plain.

And currently, I'm showing in Chanel Vs. Harajuku at the UForge Gallery until the end of the month.

And of course... there will be MORE as we approach December!



Photograph by Cat Craig

The opening reception for Chanel Vs. Harajuku was a grand time! There were a ton of people who came out include a few classes from SHOWA. Cat took some great pictures of the reception that you can see on her flicker stream.

Many thanks to the UForge Gallery for creating such a fantastic show!


Here's a Tattoo Commission I did for friend Sheree. Looks awesome!



sounds like: mac and cheese slopping

The Plaid Cupcake featured my illustration "Nosferatette" for her article on mental vampires that keep you from completing goals. Check it out!



There was an excellent write up in Stuff Magazine about the Chanel Vs Harajuku show. Here's a snippet about my piece:

"In Harajuku No. 5, artist Kristilyn Stevenson reimagines a famous Chanel No. 5 advertisement that featured Marilyn Monroe dabbing the fragrance on her décolletage. 'The imagery flips the ideas of Chanel upside down and signs it with a street-fashion twist,' says Stevenson. She replaces the original's black-and-white photography with a cartoon-like combination of bold ink lines and gouache paint. And instead of a blonde bombshell, Stevenson portrays a fanciful femme who looks like Princess Toadstool gone 'Sweet Lolita,' a Harajuku style with an especially childlike take on the whole sexy-schoolgirl look. (Think: pink. And kind of creepy.)"

Read the whole article here

If you're Boston local, come to the UForge Gallery this Saturday for the opening reception of the show!



"Very Late" is featured in this cool food zine called Pixelated. It's available in the Athens Bazaar Etsy Shop.


Harajuku No. 5

I'm in the Harajuku vs. Chanel show coming up at the UForge Gallery in JP. It will be up tomorrow at JP's First Thursday through September.

With Uforge's September theme of Harajuku vs. Chanel artists were faced with the fantastic challenge of creating an image that melded a fashion district known for it's fast and unusual teen trends and a fashion label that built it's name on timelessness and elegance. I've always been a fan of Harajuku fashion, even before Gwen Stefani marched back into the pop scene clad in super cute Japanese girls, so my piece features an Elegant Sweet Lolita (one of the many styles of Harajuku inspired by the Rococo era) striking the iconic pose of Marilyn Monroe in the famous Chanel No. 5 perfume advertisement.

The opening reception is on September 10 - check out the details here.