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BJ Snowden and the Thungs at The Basement in Northampton, Massachusetts:

BJ Snowden

BJ Snowden

the thungs in the basement

the thungs in the basement

the thungs in the basement

the thungs in the basement

the basement



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the feed

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the feed

the feed

the feed


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I've developed an addiction to doll house miniatures...

They're just so COOL!


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holy matrimony

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My future wedding:



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I recently came into contact with an old art school friend I hadn't heard from in three or so years. I love reconnecting with people after years of no contact. All of the people I am closest too have drifted out of my life for a little while, because life happens and you have to try to keep up. Reunions are always sweet, and remind me of what I love most about people and interactions.

Anyway, his lovely girlfriend and he produce a large quantity of mixed media videos. These make me most nostalgic for my time in art school.

I also talked to my lovely friend in Los Angeles tonight. She is very talented.



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My friend Chris is making a video diary of his trip to New York City. This is the preview. I am highly amused.



Hundreds dead in Tibet unrest: parliament-in-exile
Mar 17 05:04 AM US/Eastern

Hundreds of Tibetans have died in unrest in Lhasa and elsewhere in the Chinese-ruled Himalayan region, the India-based Tibetan parliament-in-exile said in a statement Monday.

"The massive demonstrations that started from March 10 in the capital city of Lhasa and other regions of Tibet, resulting (in the) death of hundreds of Tibetans, and subsequent use of force... needs to be brought to the attention of the United Nations and the international community," the statement said.

genki angel

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I've been working on this one for a while... or rather avoiding it. I finally finished it tonight. It's a test for a webpage design ideas. I think i've come up with a final one and will start on that soon.


primary objective

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A new Lost music video for the Others! From episode two of season four, "Primary Objective!"

new shop items!

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New art

This piece and other new items are for sale in my etsy shop!

sauce bucket

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the oxbow


no touchie!

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Pictures from the Inappropriate Touching Group show!

My work is the four brown matted drawings in the corner. They're interpertations of a scene from Sonny Chiba's Streetfighter. You can find a close up of it here.



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ブウ〜 ベッドにいきます。おやすみなさい。


cute girls!

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miau haus



Head Held High

New Others video: Head Held High

From Lost season 4, episode 4 "Eggtown"



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California cows start passing gas to the grid

By Nichola Groom

RIVERDALE, California - Imagine a vat of liquid cow manure covering the area of five football fields and 33 feet deep. Meet California's most alternative new energy.

On a dairy farm in the Golden State's agricultural heartland, utility PG&E Corp began on Tuesday producing natural gas derived from manure, in what it hopes will be a new way to power homes with renewable, if not entirely clean, energy.

The Vintage Dairy Biogas Project, the brainchild of life- long dairyman David Albers, aims to provide the natural gas needed to power 1,200 homes a day, Albers said at the facility's inauguration ceremony.

"When most people see a pile of manure, they see a pile of manure. We saw it as an opportunity for farmers, for utilities, and for California," Albers said.

In addition to being a partner in the 5,000-head Vintage Dairy, Albers is also president of BioEnergy Solutions, the company that funded and built the facility which cost millions of dollars. PG&E is simply a customer and the companies declined to give details of project finances.

As cow manure decomposes, it produces methane, a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon dioxide. Scientists say controlling methane emissions from animals such as cows would be a major step in addressing climate change.

Enter the Vintage Dairy project. As luck would have it, methane can be captured and treated to produce renewable gas, and California regulators have directed PG&E and other utilities to make renewable energy at least 20 percent of their electricity supplies by 2010.

PG&E expects to reach 14 percent this year, thanks in small part at least to its partnership with BioEnergy Solutions.

To tap the renewable gas from cow manure, the Vintage Dairy farm first flushes manure into a large, octagonal pit, where it becomes about 99 percent water. It is then pumped into a covered lagoon, first passing through a screen that filters out large solids that eventually become the cows' bedding.

The covered lagoon, or "digester," is the size of nearly five football fields and about 33 feet deep. It is lined with plastic to protect the ground water and the cover, made of high density polyethylene, is held down at the edges by concrete. The digester's cover was sunken into the lagoon on Tuesday, but officials said it would be taut and raised in a few days as the gas collects underneath it.

Weights on top of the digester channel the gas to the small facility where it is "scrubbed" of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. The end product is "close to 99 percent pure methane" according to BioEnergy Chief Operating Officer Thomas Hintz.

Once it is treated, the gas is injected into PG&E's pipeline, where it will be shipped to a power plant in Northern California.

According to Albers, PG&E and California state officials, biogas is a major opportunity for dairy farmers to make extra revenue while helping the environment.

"There are a lot of lagoons like this in California that don't have lining in them," said James Boyd, commissioner and vice chair of the California Energy Commission. "There is a business case to be made for this ... climate change has really provided the incentive to do this."

Both BioEnergy Solutions and PG&E are actively courting dairy farmers, whose cow manure is now simply being used as fertilizer, allowing the methane to be released into the air as a greenhouse gas.

"With nearly 2 million dairy cows in California, the potential is great," said Roy Kuga, vice president of energy supply for San Fransisco-based PG&E. The company has a partnership with another company, Microgy, which is currently setting up biogas projects at three California dairies.

In practice, however, not every dairy could participate in such a project because some are not located close enough to the necessary gas transmission lines, PG&E officials said.

Still, for now there are plenty of dairies to get on board. A second dairy in Fresno county has already agreed to join the Vintage Dairy project and Albers estimated gas from the two dairies combined could power 2,500 homes a day. The Vintage Dairy facility could accommodate gas from up to two or three more dairies, depending on the size, officials said.

(Editing by Andre Grenon)

© Reuters 2007.

tiny gun!

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Introducing the world's smallest gun that fires deadly 300mph bullets - but is just TWO inches long
Daily Mail UK

Meet the pistol that fits in your pocket - and packs a hell of a punch. The SwissMiniGun is the size of a key fob but fires tiny 270mph bullets powerful enough to kill at close range. Officially the world's smallest working revolver, the gun is being marketed as a collector's item and measures just 2.16 inches long (5.5cm). It can fire real 4.53 bullets up to a range of 367ft (112m).

The stainless steel gun costs £3,000 although the manufacturers also produce extravagant, made-to-order versions made out of 18-carat gold with customised diamond studs which sell for up to £30,000. It cannot be imported into the UK, and buyers in Switzerland and Europe must produce an import permit from police to obtain one. The gun is banned from being imported into the US - because it's barrel is less than three inches, meaning it is deemed too small to qualify for sporting purposes.

Jonathan Spencer, consultant forensic scientist and firearms expert, said that although the gun, which fires bullets at a speed of 399 feet a second, was tiny, it could still prove fatal and in the eyes of the law was as dangerous as a machine gun. He said: "The general threshold for perforating the skin is about 330 feet a second.

"Apart from bone, skin offers the greatest resistance to penetration. If it can pass through the skin it is potentially lethal, even if the bullets are small.

"If you shoved something 3mm across into someone's chest you could kill them. It's the same with these bullets, they could penetrate the heart.

"It is capable of killing someone. Under section 5 of the Firearms Act it would be a prohibited weapon. It would be on the same scale as a machine gun."

The gun shoots 2.34 mm calibre rim fire ammunition especially developed for it as the smallest rim fire ammunition in the world. It weighs in at just 0.7oz (19.8grams) and fires live and blank ammunition. The gun is the first product of the SwissMiniGun company, a gunsmiths based at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Owner Paul Erard said that since the product's launch three years ago, the firm had sold around 300 of the guns, mainly to collectors in the Middle and Far East.

He said: "We are producing in very small quantities - perhaps 25 gold guns and 100 steel guns a year, and there is a six month waiting list to get one.

"We will make whatever the customer wishes for. The most expensive version we have sold cost £30,000 and was covered in diamonds and came with a gold chain."

Other bespoke finishes available include ebony grips, hand engraved grips, gold grips with diamonds or collared precious stones. Mr Erard said that although the double action revolver is similar in appearance to a Colt Python full-size weapon, it was actually based on a Swiss-made revolver.

In September 2006 the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives(ATF) in New York issued a warning about the gun after being alerted by a police officer who spotted it on a website. Special Agent William McMahon said the gun was so small it could pass for a key fob, and warned it made the perfect stealth weapon for serious criminals. But Mr Erard denied the gun was deadly and said it was only a tenth as powerful as some air guns.

"Since September 11 there has been a lot of paranoia in America", he said.

"It is ridiculous. Why would criminals want my gun when you can go out and buy a Kalashnikov there already?"

A Guinness World Records spokesman confirmed the gun held the record as the word's smallest working revolver.

©2008 Associated New Media


miau haus

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My friend's kitten, Marcel Du Champ!


I threw my kitties in the snow after a blizzard-- they didn't like it :)