why i love vacation

sounds like: "down with the king" run d.m.c.

flight of the conchords

sounds like: "life goes on" super car

i love jermaine and brett...


time is a street

sounds like: "dare (dfa remix)" gorillaz

I finally made a season 5 Lost video for the Others!

The Others - Time is a Street

The video is also featured on Dark UFO along with the Others Transmissions Giveaway! Check it!


100 themes

sounds like: "bohemian rhapsody" queen



liz prince power

Liz Prince, my greatly talented former classmate at Museum School has an interview on Big Red Shiny. I got a little shout out in her interview since we worked on a weekly comic publication together for a few years. Check it out!



sounds like: "alegre" truby trio

My website is now complete! It really is! I finally created a design I didn't tire of after three days! It features all thinks KL in one neat place, a cool art portfolio and a biography page!