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Wild Party!

The Footlight Club's rendition of Andrew Lippa's Wild Party opens tonight in Jamaica Plain! I helped with some of the artistic elements of the set designed by artist Brian Crete, including the meticulous striping of Queenie and Burr's apartment walls and a portrait of the two of them to hang on the walls. You can see a gallery of the work I did for the show here complete with progress pictures.

The Wild Party will be running over the next three weekends! Come check out this seedy musical full of roaring 20's debauchery!

Out of this World!

The Zapow Gallery's group show Out Of This World: Robots, Rockets and Ray Guns opens tonight! Since I live so far away, I've never known the joys of a Zapow opening, but I encourage your to go if you live near Asheville, NC and check it out. Lauren, one of the owners, recently skyped me a nice tour of the gallery and it is HUGE and beautiful, which made me want to visit all the more. There'll be festivities for the opening, music and free beer! So stop on by and check it out! AND - You can always find a selection of my handmade items and prints at Zapow, but this is the first time I've had an original in the gallery!


Amoebtee Finals

I'm a finalist in the Amoeba Records Record Store Day Tshirt Contest! Vote for me by clicking on the image and liking it while logged into good ol' facebook. You should also give the Amoeba page a like as well as they are a very cool and very large independent record store in Hollywood.



Photo by Brian Crete
Here is my painting of Queenie and Burrs for the Footlight Club's Wild Party. It was done with watered down acrylic on canvas, materials I have not used in a while. It was a nice revisit and a pleasant study in clowns. I absolutely hate clowns, but I took this as a challenge to create the most repellent clown I could that still fit with the play. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.



I'm working on more fan art of some stuff I've been into lately. One of the more dire things I've wanted to draw is Dany with the dragons from the last scene of season one of Game of Thrones. Thrones really suprised me with it's strong female leads and supporting characters. Every woman on this show is a force to be reckoned with - if they don't start out that way, they become that way quickly. I like that and I like seeing that in a television show.

Dany is my favorite and was the most compelling character for me personally. EVERY character is compelling on this show, but she's my favorite. Her storyline offers an it's own traumatic rollercoaster of character development that is good reprieve from all the insanity going on over the iron throne in the other kingdoms... and I can't wait for her to get in on that action and blow all of that hot mess up too.

[HERE BE SPOILER... well, the whole drawing is a spoiler I guess... sorry.]

I'm going to have to make some adjustments, because even though I watched the finale over again tonight, I totally did not comprehend that she was BREASTFEEDING the dragons when they found her in the ashes. That is a detail that cannot be missed. ;)








tattoo sketch



More stripe pictures for Footlight Club's Wild Party...

Next I'm making a painting for the walls of Queenie and Burrs.

Ray Guns

New work in progress for an upcoming show at the ZaPow! Gallery.



sounds like: "Brand New Civilization" Tokyo Jihen

My Record Store Day T-Shirt Design contest entry.



For the 4x6 Exchange!



I'm helping with some set painting and illustration for the Footlight Club's production of Andrew Lippa's Wild Party musical. It's been ages since I've worked on a set so I was delighted when asked by Brian Crete, the set designer (and awesome co-owner of my favorite local gallery the Uforge) to help out with the creation of artwork to hang inside of characters Queenie and Burr's seedy apartment set as well as help paint the apartment itself.

This weekend we helped paint the walls of the set to look like striped Art Deco style wallpaper. It took four artists (Blake, new art friends Bonnie and Gail, and myself), 7.5 hours, 2 buckets of paint and 9.5 rolls of various sized masking tapes to accomplish this print on 5 wall panels and it came out incredible! Next up is designing art for the walls! Stay tuned!

(Photo by Brian Crete)


Illustration Show

sounds like: How It's Made: Trombone

3 Ravens at the Uforge Gallery Illustration Show! This illustration is now also available as a print in my etsy shop!

Friend and fellow artist Shaanti Williams of Whut Good? is also in the show! He's been working on an amazing new series of the ladies of super hero comics, check him out.


3 Ravens

My highschool english teacher, Ms. Vaught was (and still is) very hardcore about the Elizabeathen era and I really loved her classes a whole bunch for that. She's one of my most beloved mentors and I wouldn't be as far as I am as an artist and writer with out her knowledge and zest for her subject.

Ms. Vaught taught us about this midieval song that's always stayed with me, "Three Ravens," which is about three ravens discussing breakfast ideas and ultimately deciding not to feast on a fallen knight because his body is being watched over by his faithful hounds, hawks and lover with child who has taken the form of a doe.

The UForge's group show for March is the Illustration Show and the assignment was to draw with the inspiration of your favorite illustrator whomever that may be. I've been gobbling up Osamu Tezuka manga recently and other manga as well. One of my favorites things about the best of the best of manga are the highly detailed backgrounds. Otomo, Tatsumi and Tezuka draw highly detailed backgrounds and simple to complex figures. I used this as my inspiration and to push my artistic reaches as I'm very comfortable and prone to drawing just figures with simple backgrounds. While I think I still need to develop my sense of spacial relation of figure and location, I think this piece is a pretty good product of a lot of love for ye olde lyrics and illustrating an entire, detailed scene.

The UForge Illustration Show opens tonight at 7pm! And here are the lyrics of "Three Ravens":

THERE were three rauens sat on a tree,
Downe a downe, hay down, hay downe
There were three rauens sat on a tree,
With a downe
There were three rauens sat on a tree,
They were as blacke as they might be.
With a downe derrie, derrie, derrie, downe, downe.

The one of them said to his mate,
“Where shall we our breakefast take?”

“Downe in yonder greene field,
There lies a knight slain vnder his shield.

“His hounds they lie downe at his feete,
So well they can their master keepe.

“His haukes they flie so eagerly,
There’s no fowle dare him come nie.”

Downe there comes a fallow doe,
As great with yong as she might goe.

She lift vp his bloudy hed,
And kist his wounds that were so red.

She got him vp vpon her backe,
And carried him to earthen lake.

She buried him before the prime,
She was dead herselfe ere euen-song time.

God send euery gentleman,
Such haukes, such hounds, and such a leman.

from: http://www.bartleby.com/40/12.html