There was an excellent write up in Stuff Magazine about the Chanel Vs Harajuku show. Here's a snippet about my piece:

"In Harajuku No. 5, artist Kristilyn Stevenson reimagines a famous Chanel No. 5 advertisement that featured Marilyn Monroe dabbing the fragrance on her décolletage. 'The imagery flips the ideas of Chanel upside down and signs it with a street-fashion twist,' says Stevenson. She replaces the original's black-and-white photography with a cartoon-like combination of bold ink lines and gouache paint. And instead of a blonde bombshell, Stevenson portrays a fanciful femme who looks like Princess Toadstool gone 'Sweet Lolita,' a Harajuku style with an especially childlike take on the whole sexy-schoolgirl look. (Think: pink. And kind of creepy.)"

Read the whole article here

If you're Boston local, come to the UForge Gallery this Saturday for the opening reception of the show!

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