28 Seeds

Last Saturday, I was invited to come draw Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toy's new apocalyptic musical adventure "28 Seeds" at the Boston Center for the Arts. It was hands down the most intensely original play I had seen... ever! Serious - GIANT ray guns, artificial trees, police brutality, burlesque, cannibalism... the APOCALYPSE! Totally incredible. There are only three shows left and they are happening this weekend. Go Check out this awesome play!
The musical is performed in a black box theater... from the moment I walked in I realized I was going to be in a very dark place, hence the very limited color palette. I think I'll continue working on some of these and add more colors in to finish them up a little more. I'm pretty excited and honored to have gotten to draw such awesomeness!!

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mlle. said...

fabulous work as always! can't wait to see more. you rule rule rule. sry i jumped on ya with my mom! but she'd never seen art like yours before when she saw the cafe 939 portraits... xo