Org: Literati

I drew at Org: Literati the other night at Oberon. What a magnificent evening! The theme of course was literature. All the sets performed songs inspired by literature.

Gem Club brought a sleepy, lovely feeling with their beautiful, soft songs.

This was my second time seeing What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? and I love, love, love them more with each set I experience.

There were brilliant performances by Karin Webb and Jade Sylvan as Oscar Wilde. Professor Mika taught us some literature tropes compared with sexual perversions and played a beautiful rendition of Sailing to Byzantium by Yeats accompanied on vocal by singer Mali and friends.

My favorite part of the night was Jaggery's performance of their EP Private Violence which is based on Capote's In Cold Blood.

I drew some lovely drawings for a lovely night. :)

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