Put A Bow On It NYC!

Tonight at the Kraine Gallery Bar in NYC is the Put A Bow On It Holiday Show with all works under $300! I have a piece in the show based on my favorite Japanese exploitation film, FEMALE PRISONER 701: THE SCORPION or, in Japanese: SASORI.

For a female prison exploitation film, SASORI is incredibly though out in is visual delivery. The shot I chose to render in my own devices, is the a climatic shot of a flashback on how Matsu- The Scorpion, ended up in prison. Through out the scene the camera flips from being under Matsu laying on a "glass floor" to better get her perspective. There's twirling stages, lights in the floor... all these crazy effects.

And Matsu is awesome. AWESOME. AWESOME.

Anyway, check out Put a Bow on it tonight at 9pm and get some cheap art!

I have one more show coming up on Saturday in Northampton, MA and three other shows going on that I'm apart of around the east coast. Check out my gallery schedule:

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