sounds like: "the cotton handkerchief" ringo shiina

I just finished this music video--- FINALLY! It took me about two months from shooting to titles. I finished last night.

My boyfriend had been producing Curious Buddies' new album over the summer, but this song didn't catch my ear until he was mixing it one day. I became obsessed. I must have listened to it a hundred times before I finally asked Steve (the most curious buddy) if I could make the video for him. He sent me back an overwhelming YES. The next time he was in town to listen to the master mix, I shot some quick takes of him singing. None of my original ideas for the video actually materialized, but I still think it came out swimmingly.

Curious Buddies - CRUSH BUGS

All the found footage is public domain and was harvested from the the Internet Archive.

Curious Buddies MySpace

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