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This past weekend Blake and I attended Connecticon 2009! It's been a LONG time since I've been to Connecticon, I may have attended the first one in New Haven at a college. This time it was in Hartford at a convention center.

I met quite a few awesome people this time around, where as at AB, I never put down my pencil long enough to truly talk to other artists (as well as being flanked by empty tables). This time I had awesome neighbors, Machine Gun Angel and Loki-Chan's Ducks.

Andrei-818 asked me to draw in his two jam sketchbooks. One was a free style and one was of the theme: twins with glasses and turtle-neck sweaters.

I drew my Zombie Princess for the free draw and my conjoined twin characters Daisy and Rose for the twins. :)

My two favorite commissions where of dogs. Both con-goers commissioned multiple portraits and their final ones being of their dogs. The first was for this guy who was super awesome and had me draw him with his Filipino Hello Kitty McDonald's toy. Apparently in Asia all the McDonald's toys are really hi-quality and BIG. Then he had me do a picture of his pit bulls (but i forgot to take a photo). Another con-goer, who got multiple works done, commissioned a portrait of her beautiful tiger-striped Boston Terrier who she got some sad news about. I put all my love into this portrait and hope the best for her and her dog.

Over all, we had an exhausting, but really fun time making new friends, hanging with old ones and gawking at cosplayers. :)

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