I hang out with seals* and I has no interwebs. Blake discovered an app for his phone that turns it into a modem that is a bit faster than dial-up. Hopefully, we will have interwebs soon. Until then my blog posting will be slow. In other news, I will be at this year's Rock and Shock in Worcester in October!

* My sister and I went to look at the seals that are on permanent display at the New England Aquarium ticketing booth. I've frequented the seals on my jaunts through Boston Harbor many a time, usually at night when there aren't a zillion tourist waddling around in crocs. This particular and recent day, we had to wade through a flock of French tourist to see the seals nomming on fish-cicles, but it was well worth it when this big guy surfaced slyly in front of me with a satisfied grin. He hung out for a second for me to record his pleasant pose which I pass on to you.

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