sounds like: "fiction" the concretes

2010 went out with an exhausting fizzle and it was a pretty bittersweet year filled with a lot of changes. I'm pleased to have managed to complete every single one of my goals set for this year! A new and more challenging list has been laid out for 2011, revenue is being harbored for tables for new shows (planning on a return to NYC and maybe adventuring to the east coast con-mecca: Otakon), and my little fingers are churning out new delights for consumption whilst simultaneously battling the woes of winter desire for hibernation. I've also feverishly working on my sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project which is due in 9 days (will post scans before it makes it's departure). I took a break to sketch some lovely girls and think about creative focus and ways to improve my work. まけγͺい!

Here is to a very happy 2011 for everyone!

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