Anime Next

sounds like: *purrrrrr*

Blake, Chris and I drove five hours in a thunder storm to Somerset, New Jersey this past weekend for Anime Next. We've never been to a convention further than New York City, so this was exciting new territory. The Otaku of New Jersey were very kind to us and it was refreshing to be amongst such an energetic and positive mass of fellow nerds. We sold out of our first batch of Lake Monster plushes, a good amount of skeleton t-shirts and A LOT of prints - THANK YOU. I also premiered some fan art ACEOs and did a few custom ACEOS.

and of course portraits... lots and lots of beautiful portraits...

More here...
During the lulls, I worked on this lovely Steampunk badge design for Connecticon 2011 (totally inspired by Miss Jojo Lazar).

and we saw UZUHI again!


See you next year, Jersey! ^^

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