I'm helping with some set painting and illustration for the Footlight Club's production of Andrew Lippa's Wild Party musical. It's been ages since I've worked on a set so I was delighted when asked by Brian Crete, the set designer (and awesome co-owner of my favorite local gallery the Uforge) to help out with the creation of artwork to hang inside of characters Queenie and Burr's seedy apartment set as well as help paint the apartment itself.

This weekend we helped paint the walls of the set to look like striped Art Deco style wallpaper. It took four artists (Blake, new art friends Bonnie and Gail, and myself), 7.5 hours, 2 buckets of paint and 9.5 rolls of various sized masking tapes to accomplish this print on 5 wall panels and it came out incredible! Next up is designing art for the walls! Stay tuned!

(Photo by Brian Crete)

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Holly Sievers said...

Very very cool, Kristilyn!!!