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sounds like: "Stranger" Michael J Epstein Memorial Library Day Trotter Session

We got back from Anime Next a few days ago. Whoa. What a show! We had a lot of fun despite some strange happenings at the convention (like the lights going out while we were packing up- and STAYING out). Drew some awesome commissions and trades, saw friends and wore wigs all weekend!

"Shipping" (or Relationshipping) is an interesting aspect of fandom to me mostly because I can't really wrap my head around it or why it's so fun to "ship" characters in media. I was asked to draw a sexy shipping of Marceline the vampire and Princess Bubblegum from Adventure time. It is very odd to me to sexualize existing children's cartoons - though I do appreciate the gawk factor of rule 34s, I'm not into drawing it.

This was the best I could muster - bewbie grabs.

After the success of the Sugarless Gum Bewbie Grab, my friend traded me a drawing of my favorite MLP Moondancer for a date commission of Finn and the fire princess. I thought the idea of her cooking a marshmallow was cute. While drawing it, an older gentleman who most certainly was somewhere on the spectrum caught sight of my drawing: "IS THAT ADVENTURE TIME?" "Yup!" I replied. "WHAT IS SHE DOING?!" "She's helping Finn cook a marshmallow!" I said brightly. "OH NO. THAT'S MEAN." "B-But I thought it was kind of nice... like a date!" I stuttered, realizing quickly there was no winning this one, I've worked with autistic individuals before and you cannot change their minds! :) "NO. THAT IS MEAN. HE SHOULDN'T MAKE HER COOK FOR HIM. DON'T YOU KNOW THAT'S MEAN? DON'T YOU THINK SO?" I could relate as a feminist so I very seriously responded "Yes. Deep down on a feminist level, YOU sir, are very right." and he walked away. Jessie liked it despite it's presumed misogynistic undertones. hehe.

and the portraits...

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