Bent Knee

Bent Knee is on their west coast tour right now and just had their first show in San Jose last night. If you be a westcoaster near their tour cities' - check this amazing band out. They are a delightful bunch that are so invested in music and it shows with such sincerity, fun and sheer talent in their live performances. They truly rock.

Urban Circus

I was asked to make some illustrations based on Bent Knee's lyrics for them to have as prints for sale on tour. I'm elated to be able to collaborate with such incredible musicians and bring imagery to their beautiful songs. I chose "Styrofoam Heart," "Little Specks of Calcium," and "Urban Circus" for my first round of drawings and worked with Courtney Swain, who sings, plays keys and writes the lyrics for the band, to produce the most searing imagery to match the lyrics.

Little Specks of Calcium

The prints are on sale in my shop (or click each image to be linked to the purchasing page)and are on sale at the Bent Knee merch booth on tour near your west coast!!!

Styrofoam Heart

I recorded myself inking and coloring "Styrofoam Heart" and made a video with the song. The drawing process is sped up 800x so you don't have to watch me draw for an hour- just the length of the song. :)

Part 1: Inking

Part 2: Coloring

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