This Thursday I'll be at the Estate in Boston at the RAW ART RADIANCE Showcase. Raw is a collective of artists, photographers, musicians, fashion designers and more and there's a local chapter in every major US city and Australia. This is my first showcase and there will be a lot of awesome local artists, designers and photographers (including the wondeful Raw Alum and friend, Matt Bernson) showing along with me. I will have some originals up for sale, some new items.

"Spectrum Disorder" will be one of the framed originals for sale at the show along with several other works

You can purchase tickets ($10) online to support me until 8pm tonight - just select my name on the drop down instead of General Admission, after tonight you can drop me a line to save $5 on the door cost ($15) with out having to deal with all this online hoopla.

I also made this headdress to wear that night with my new half mint green, half milk chocolate brown wig. Eee! So excited!

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Supermantat said...

That head dress is utterly awesome!!! Congrats on being the featured artist!