Rock and Shock

This year's Rock and Shock was awesome!!! We had a wonderful time seeing friends and making new ones... AND WE SAW GWAR FINALLY!

I debuted this print of Friday the 13th called "A Dream of Jason!"

I met Heather Langenkamp, got a copy of her new documentary I AM NANCY and gave her a print of my Never Sleep Again illustration. She was SO, SO NICE. It was such a pleasure to meet her and I'm so excited she loved my illustration. Someone gave her a button earlier in the day so she was elated when I presented the print! :) :) :)

Bill Clements came to show me this TATTOO he got of the portrait he commissioned me last year and commission another. Last year he had me draw a picture of him holding his then unborn child after it had just been born. I drew a spraying umbilical cord and EVERYTHING. It was an epic portrait. SO HE INKED IT!!! SO COOL!!! I got to meet his new daughter and fiance and then draw them as zombies of course!

Photo By Kyle Kuchta

Kyle Kuchta stopped by to document a How to Draw Zombies workshop I conducted in the Rock and Shock Creative Lair for his documentary, Fantasm: Season of the Con. Fiona Fright is hard at work on a really amazing zombie drawing - eyeballs popping out and everything. AWESOME.

Some epic portraits...

This weekend we will be in Manchester, NH for Another Anime Con! See you there!

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Cartoonie said...

Thats cool,I'm glad to see you help out the future artists!!!!

Love that idea with the "how to draw a zombie".