Another Anime Con

This past weekend we were at Another Anime Convention in Manchester, NH. I grew up in New Hampshire so it was nice to be apart of a large Granite State convention. I was impressed by the size of the Artist Alley! It was bigger than the dealers presence (we were all in the same room). Also ... SO MUCH HOMESTUCK. I must have seen over 100 trolls pooled in the hallway at one point.

We a had a lot of fun and actually got some hang out time at this convention. We went to panels!!! We saw a panel by Nerdfit, which was hilarious. We also saw an awesome hentai panel by friend Amy Macabre who taught us about futanari and the origins of tentacle hentai. And there were many portraits!

I am going to have a convention break for this weekend and spend some time soaking up some scares at the Coolidge Corner Horror Marathon this weekend in my new dead cat pajamas! November 3rd & 4th I'll be at Rhode Island Comic Con. See you then!

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