sounds like: "just like a bird with out a feather" samuel l. jackson
This past weekend Blake and I attended the New York Anime Festival in the artist's alley and we had great time and met up with lots of cool people both new and known. I drew around 50-60 portraits (I forgot to tally a few of them), sold a few of my spankin' new prints and a lot of perler bead jewelry. The very complimentary and kind Jorge Solis of Fangoria stopped to talk to me a little bit, as well as a lawyer who was looking for a copyright job and showed me his resume (turns out he was a contestant on Beauty and the Geek and mentioned so on the bottom of his resume).

Afro and I... he's so mighty, he blurred the picture.
Amazingly enough I forgot to take pictures at the convention, even of my booth. I did get one on out way out of the convention on Saturday night (with Afro Samurai) and a few of the very famous and affordable hotel we stayed in.
hotel chelsea
muralchelsea balcony
Shout outs to all who stopped by and said "hi," and/or made a purchase or two!

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tigresa said...

Hey Kristilyn! I loved all your art at NYAF! I'm glad I went and picked up a bunch of artists' amazing work. I never had someone draw a portrait of me before and I had always wanted one so thank you for that! I jumped onto your website because I know I have to buy that art piece of the girl opening up her chest when I get some more cash. /bookmark

Since you drew like a hodge-billion portraits that day, I scanned the one you drew for me in case you want to remember one of the bunch you drew!