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Connecticon is over! I had a BLAST. I expanded my table set up (see last years), and had way more items for sale this time around. I sold out of t-shirts, so we'll be printing more in the future. I drew around fifty portraits- a lot of large group ones! I had some table frequenters (which I adore) so many thanks to fantastic Veronica, the L-like cat boy and his lady, the Chii girls, the vampire girl, boy and crew, and this lovely teacakery who bought a whole bunch of stuff, commissioned me and then blogged about it. :D It was good to hang with my usual con crew and see Inky (who traded me her beautiful buttons and stickers) and Andrei (who drew me as a zombie mermaid)!

Dan Coffey of Connecticut won the Zombie Romance Super Pack! I was amazed by the number of people who entered (including the trio of eccentric, little girls who entered as many times as they could before I was going to draw the raffle). In addition to asking for contact information on the entry slips, I asked:

Do you like zombies?

Most people naturally said yes ;) - but here were some of the more creative answers:
RE: Your Brains. They make great pets. Who doesn't? Brains are better. Yes, Please! If I were one, yes. Brains! They should die. I LOVE THEM. I <3 brains. Very much so, unless they are trying to eat my brains. Bwains? Werd! Of course- "brains." Playgirl. Yes, on the business end of a shot gun. Not on my lawn. IDK. OMG YERSH OF COURSE MEOW! I am a zombie. B zombies. Only when they're comin' up the hell right now. Like... "like" zombies? Rawr BRAINS! Sorta. I am ONE... OMNOMNOM! Of Course- how could you not? Especially the bloody ones! No- I will shoot them! Only when they are eating the flesh of the living. With pleasure. Zombies are my favorite. Some more than others. In the school play I was a zombie, now my friends call me one. Hellz yes!

Here's hoping Chris and Dustin won the photo scavenger hunt.

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