My Shades of Grey

We had a great time at the My Shades of Grey Craft Benefit this evening! I drew a few portraits , met a lot of great people and had some delicious food. What could be better than drawing portraits, talking about horror movies and drinking Heinekens? Not much. I also drew a new record for myself: a nine person portrait of all the employees of A Touch of Color hair salon in Lynn. It is pretty hard to fit 9 lovely ladies on one page. *0*

This kid's name was Brian and he had me draw him with his mum who he was selling jewelry with at the show too. Nerds of a feather flocked together - it only takes a Cenobaby to start up a two hour conversation about movies. :)

Tomorrow we'll be back in WMass at the Stars and Skulls Crafty Craft Fair! W00T!

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Brian said...

And what a conversation it was this was one of tge best fairs I have been to in a long time.