Happy 2012! This is what my New Year looked like: Subdued, dreamy and relaxed. I hadn't realized my blog had been neglected for the past two weeks I've been so busy with holiday shows, orders and just the holidays in generhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifal. We made our holiday season goal for sales, sold out of jewelry at ZaPow! in Asheville and I'm just two orders shy of hitting 400 orders on etsy!

I am in the process of organizing and signing up for new shows this year. Currently, I'm on the bill for my first show in New Hampshire, Queen City Kamikaze, on February 18th. I am also waiting for phase 2 of Anime Boston sign ups. If you didn't find me in the alley last year, it's because I was compressed into one loaned foot of table space due to missing sign ups during my big move to Boston. This year we haunted the AB website for sign ups and are first up on the list for a table- A FULL table! You won't have trouble finding us this year. Applications for Boston Comic Con and a lovely craft show in Salem, MA for May have also been submitted.

In addition to the scurry of show sign ups, I'm working on a whole slew of new art and designs, web redesigns, finishing up that damn press kit that I've been neglecting on and off all last year and in general working hard to make everything I do even better. Oh yeah, and I hear Blake is planning prototypes for plush sharks. This year is sure be a good one, even if it might be our last!

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