I am still recovering from one of the most enjoyable Connecticons ever.

There was plenty of photo bombing from Blake

Video By Chris Newell & Liz

And there was Doug Walker, Nostalgia Critic (who broke Connecticon with his fandom and forced back closing ceremonies for a SECOND Q&A panel because the first far surpassed capacity). Chris asked me to draw a picture of him. He originally wanted to get it signed, but ended up just giving it to him. Liz caught some video of the panel since I couldn't attend as I had to break down my booth at the same time. His acceptance of it is quite amusing- check out the video.

and portraits

(view the rest of the portraits here)

And there were so many wonderful costumes!!!

Someone even did a DRIVE cosplay. She said I was the only one who knew who she was. Fantastic.

Don't stop me now cos I'm having a good time!

It was a real good time.

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