Monster Masquerade

I had an insanely fun time at the Monster Masquerade on Sunday all dress up as a hybrid Lum-chan from Urusei Yatsura complete with fangs and horns (no tiger striped, fur bikini though ;) ). Despite the run around Davis Square Theater inflicted on this show (cancelling it only two weeks before dates for no reason other than they had a more "lucrative" show request to book with them), the show lived on at Radio Bar in all of it's velvety wallpaper goodness. My most treasured Boston bands that I've been drawing for more than a year now were all together in one amazing power packed show. There was...

Second Photo by Paisley Rojagato

Bent Knee, who were hysterical in their prize giveaway interludes where Ben and Gavin through an eclectic variety of VHS tapes gently at the audience and Miss Courtney donned a wedding dress that was fit for a zombie Ariel. Naturally, they rocked the house.

And Jaggery, who are always delicate, emotive and amazing. They closed their set with "Real Love" or "Push It" ... somehow both these songs have cross in my brain for no logical reason. Mali's horns were Brunhilde bad ass.

And finally, the wonderfully epic Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toysclosed the show with impromptu hero ballads dedicated to Radio Bar, covers of the Ghostbuster's Theme and "I Put a Spell on You." I love Meff Metal mustache (which I terribly portrayed in my drawings), Edrie's googly eyed buffalo monster costume, JoJo's "sexy knight" monster slaying costume- all so wonderful.

So much fun!!! So many great friends out too!!! What a night! :)

More photos and other live drawings here! :)

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