Of M.I.C.E. & Nuns

I'm going to be at the Mass Indie Comics Expo tomorrow in the Porter Exchange building in Cambridge. There will be a ton of wonderful local artist present and it's free to get in!

and then and then...

On Sunday at 8pm I'll be live drawing at the Revenge of the Robot Battle Nuns show at Oberon. Come see this fantastic b-movie style burlesque play!

The End of the World. A lesbian Spider cult. The President's mutant daughter. Mad science. A beautifully plain girl. And one bloody, perverse story of revenge.

Who amongst you has a taste for the bizarre? An eager ear for this terrible tale? For those with a strong stomach, a twisted mind, and a perverse groin, REVENGE OF THE ROBOT BATTLE NUNS is "An epic, b-horror, sci-fi, apocalyptic adventure from the brain of a burlesque dancer. It's as messed up as it is beautiful. This show has it all, aerialists, drag, splatter (wear a white T-shirt if you want a little flavor saver), comedy, violence, and, of course, tassels. If I wasn't in it, you bet your ass I'd be there." So what does happen when two people who hate each other the most end up stuck together in the end of the world? What is the sexy Scout's dark secret? What do you see if you lick a nuclear frog woman? Where did the chaos start? What kind of welcome do you receive from a Lesbian Spider Cult? And WHO are the Robot Battle Nuns?!? Curiousity piqued? Nerves shaking? Pants tightening? Well, don't worry, apocalyptic cuties.. The Robot Battle Nuns are closer than you think. Get tickets while they last.

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Cartoonie said...

Goodluck at the show!