The Gender Show

This weekend in Northampton the Gender Show is happening at the Whoo Space! 14 artists were invited to create art that relates to their personal perception of their gender for this Low-Brow art show. The show is organized by the lovely Christina Guisek, who discovered me on the internet three or four years ago and asked me to show at her gallery, the Rant. The Rant is now a mobile gallery and this is it's first pop up show. Friends Cat Craig and Lolita-A-Go-Go's art will also be present.

My piece is entitled "PUSS-stachio" and is a self portrait featuring my mustached vagina. Growing up I heard time and time again how I should act in order to adhere to proper lady-dom. "A Bull in a China Shop" is a common phrase my mother would often associate with me. Despite my upbringing's voracious attempts to turn me into a model citizen of the girly kind, I still reject it. At the core my very female anatomy desires a mustache and the freedom to be as girly or boyish as it desires.

Check out the Gender Show event information here. I will not be present at the gallery for the opening, as I'll be attending the Art Exchange happening in Boston, but I will be present on Saturday if you'd like to stop by and say hello!

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