Street Art

I've got lots of gallery lovin' coming this month starting with the UForge Street Art show which will contain my piece "Moonviewing." I submitted my latest work because I've been heavily influenced with street art for a while now. I'm mostly drawn the bold outlines of a lot of works. I remember stepping out of the Chelsea Hotel in NYC to see this piece on a security door and was floored. Such sure and demanding linework.

"Moonviewing" is inspired mostly by the Little Mermaid. I grew up loving this hour long anime version that's true to the short story and the Mermaid turns to foam at the end. I remember thinking it was kind of bullshit when the Disney version came out and Ariel DIDN'T DIE like she was supposed to. Regardless of the tragic ending, I was mostly drawn to the mermaidy parts anyway of course. So I made an illustration of a mermaid in a city harbour with the skull of a long gone love.

"When A Mermaid Comes of Age" Andersen Dowa Ningyo Hime

I've got more shows coming up that I will be posting about soon!

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