Southern Tour Part 2: Zapow Gallery!

For our next length of tour we journeyed to Traveler's Rest, SC to visit my old art school buddy Susan Molner of SUMO Design. We hung there for the night and talked craft! It was really awesome to see Susan again after a long time and we are SUPER thankful she had us come stay with her and hang out on our tour! After Traveler's Rest, we moved onto...

Zapow Gallery in Asheville, NC! I got to meet long time internet and artist friend Steven Hall of Doodle Divas and Lauren and Matt Johnson, the gallery owners FINALLY! :) We had a lovely dinner at Chai Pani across the street from the gallery and hung out while I restocked my wall.
And there was dancing!
The gallery is a gorgeous space in downtown Asheville and houses over 90 different artists. Lauren designed the layout and built some of it herself. Her blood is literally invested in the walls of this gallery. Prior to last month, I had only seen the gallery in photos or an awesome skype video tour. 
We stocked up some new things just in time for the opening of the Space Time Trifecta show: a Star Wars, Star Trek and Dr. Who themed group gallery show on display this month and next. I also got my paws on some of Lauren, Belle Dee, Heather Kreiter and Jasmina VB's work along with a beautiful gift package from Doodle Divas! :) 
After an evening of art and conversation in Asheville, we headed over the SNOWING Smokey Mountains to Knoxville, TN where we spent a few days with Blake's family...

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